Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I am no longer a Blake Lewis fan.

As I'm sure a lot of you know, I recently attended the American Idol 2009 tour stop in Boston, MA. As I'm sure a lot of you DON'T know, before and after the show, I spent hours before and after the show promoting American Idol season 6 runner up Blake Lewis. I was in contact a couple weeks before the show with someone from the Blake Lewis Army, and I offered to help promote Blake. I was shipped 2 t shirts for a friend and I to wear while we were handing out the 500 flyers I was also sent. The concert and the promotion was a great success.

Upon returning home on the night of the concert, we had received 2 pieces of devastating news regarding a family member and my personal life. The details are not important, but I'll let it be known that it is very bad.

I had been contacted by the Blake Lewis Army to post a review of the "Mission" as well as the concert. Here is the complete back and forth of the emails that were sent back and forth, I will speak more about them at the end of this post:

From The Blake Lewis Army (BLA) 8/21/09:
Are you going to post your pictures and recap at the BLA? Everyone's waiting!

From ME 8/21/09:
I'm going to, I've been working nonstop since the show. But it was amazing.

From BLA 8/21/09:
Ok, Thanks!

From BLA 8/24/09:
Do you want to send your pics to me and I will post them?

From Me 8/24/09:
I've been having a lot of trouble at home, and have 0 time. I'm sorry, if things get better I will let you know.

From BLA 8/25/09:
Well, It was part of the agreement and TommyBoy is asking about it daily. Kind of uncool that we sent you everything in good faith and you're not finishing the job. I'm sorry about your problems but it really doesn't take that long. I hope you will fulfill your obligation

From Me 8/25/09:
Wow, I was helping you FOR FREE, because I was a fan of Blake. I passed out FIVE HUNDRED flyers for him, is that not enough? It's really none of your business, but [Details Redacted]. I have more important things to worry about, consider this my resignation I suppose. I sure hope Blake is cooler than you are, because it seems you have no compassion.

From BLA: 8/25/09:
I do have compassion but was all this not going on when you went to the concert and agreed to do this? I am obliagted to Tommy Boy to assign these missions to people who will see it through from begining to end and it was explained to you when you agreed to do it. The main reason we ask for pictures is to make sure people do what they say they will do and not sign up just to get free tee shirts that are made in limited qunatities and are available to teamers only and then not see it through. There is alot of expense in the supplies that we send to teamers not to mention shipping charges.

I do understand what it's like to have a sick family member so I get that, but I still feel an obligation to meet my commitments. In reality, sending me the pictures would take less time than all these email exchanges. But it seems that you have already made it clear that you wont be sending anything.

Blake is very cool and everyone who meets these commitments will be treated to special meet and greets and private concerts per Tommy Boy's VP.

I'm sorry about your situation, good luck to you and [redacted]

From Me 8/26/09:
I understand the expenses, and the shirts were worn, and the flyers were handed out. Blake has been promoted and that's what you wanted. I'm sorry I can't help you any further. I'm sure Blake's album will do well regardless if I post a review of the mission or not. I can assure you I am not trying to get free tshirts. We wore the shirts but I can send them back if that is what you want. I'm at work and have a minute here and there to send a couple emails, which is why I have the time to email you. And no, this was not all going on when I agreed to do this.


If they have just waited, instead of acting like complete douchebags about the situation I would be writing their review with my free moment right now, instead of writing this blog post. I love American Idol, but I love my family and my home more. I am writing this post to show that maybe Blake, his fanclub and Tommy Boy records need to learn a little bit about the people that promote them, instead of just using them and throwing them aside.

While I don't fault Blake personally for this, I find it hard to respect someone who has people like this working for them.