Sunday, September 13, 2009

Idols respond to Kanye West douchbaggery.

Taylor Swift won her first VMA tonight, and Kanye West swiflty swooped in an stole the show, using up all of her screen time to talk about Beyonce. Here is what some of the idols had to say:

LaBelleMusik Kanye whaaaattttt! Omg. My heart just fell for that poor girl. He just killer her dream & whole moment. Wow. That was horrible. So wrong! :(

VonSmith KANYE SIT DOWN! Be nice to Taylor Swift! I'm not a fan of her, but she brought class to the VMA's and you just ruined her moment. Shame on u

LaBelleMusik I dnt even really like the girl & I love Kanye but that just hurt my feelings for her so bad!

MishavonnaH Okay whaaaat just happened? Kanye west, taylor swift? Someone explain??

VonSmith@MishavonnaH Kanye interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech very rudely and she looked terribly hurt and uncomfortable. Just for his opinion.

jaredcotterKanye, Kanye, Kanye....

alexWTrugs kanye west is a gigantic douche bag. i seriously cannot believe he just did that. what a piece of shit (thank you @pink for that phrase)

alexWTrugs horrible egotistical schmuck ruining a young girls moment like that? that asshole should be boycotted forever.

mdoolittle I know I'm late, but really Kanye? Really? Taylor Swift is the sweetest girl ever and Beyonce is so gracious. Not right at all!

TheRealJordin Me 2! RT @lovebscott I agree RT@TeYoJe I was afraid 4 TaylorSwift. Shes just a kid & didnt deserve the ignorance. It was her moment 2 shine!

Chikezie_Eze Let me clarify, I AM a Kanye fan. But there's something 2B said 4 someone who demands respect and yet offers so very little...

TheRealJordin@mdoolittle it's probably a good thing I'm not there. You KNOW I wouldve said something. Ahahaha I miss you

thedavidcook sounds like kanye was home sick during finishing school...