Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adam Lambert - Take One

There is a mysterious new Adam Lambert CD on titled "Take One". It is set to be released on November 17th, which is one week before "For Your Entertainment" and the same day as Kris Allen's self titled debut. The Amazon page lists "Coldwater" as the record label, which could be "Coldwater Music" which is Linda Perry's company, or it could also be "Coldwater Recording Studio Cleveland" or something completely unrelated.

Check out the amazon page for Take One and see for yourself. And make sure to pre order Adam Lambert's OFFICIAL debut cd "For Your Entertainment"

Update: The tracklisting for this CD has been released and includes the song "Want" which was to be on a pre idol CD called "On With The Show" which was going to be released by a company called "Hi-Fi Recordings". Adam Lambert himself urged fans to NOT buy this CD. We posted a clip of "Live Your Life" way back in September. See below for the tracklist and a longer clip with an intro by two douchey looking guys on a boat.

Update: Here is a bit of info straight from Adam Lambert himself "yeah this "take one" thing is basically "on with the show" re-tooled. Now this is ALL material recorded in '05 not written by me." [source]

1. First Light
2. Climb
3. December
4. Fields
5. Did you need it
6. More Than
7. Wonderful
8. Castleman
9. Hour Glass
10. Light Falls
11. Bonus Tracks-Remixes: Want, Spotlight, & On With The Show