Saturday, November 14, 2009

Adam Lambert - Take One

Before Adam Lambert was on American Idol, he recorded some demos (which he did not write) for a company now known as "Rough Town". This company still owns the rights to this unreleased music, and is now trying to make a quick buck off of it. The CD is set to be released on Nov. 17th. You can check out the rar below and hear the songs, and see the Amazon page for Take One, Here. This is NOT Adam Lambert's debut CD, it is NOT what his new album is going to sound like. If you want to support Adam, please pre order FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT.

1. First Light
2. Climb
3. December
4. Fields
5. Did you need it
6. More Than
7. Wonderful
8. Castleman
9. Hour Glass
10. Light Falls
11. Bonus Tracks-Remixes: Want, Spotlight, & On whith the Show

Adam Lambert - Take One
Track #6 may be corrupted, use this link for track #6

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