Thursday, January 14, 2010

23 People rumored to have been CUT in Hollywood

According to Joe's Place Blog, MJ's Big Blog and Vote For The Worst, these 19 contestants have already been cut from the competition in the Hollywood round.

Michael Castro
Holly Hardin
Katie Bernard
Leah Laurenti
Brandi Holmes (Not Pictured)
Jason Diaz
Jim Ranger
Kasi Bedford (Not Pictured)
Luke Edgemon

NEW (Not Pictured):
Brittany Stone

Daniel Murillo

Paige DeChausse

Sarah Rucker

Meagan Wright
Melissa Bitanga
Stephanie Daulong
Alex Nestor
Antonio “Skiibowski” Wheeler (disqualified)
Austin Simmons

Bryce Larsen
Erica Rhoades
Maddy Curtis
Rose Flack