Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orlando Flash Recap

This post will be highlighting all of the contestants from tonight's American Idol episode.

Made it to Hollywood:
Seth Rollins - Someone To Watch Over Me [Facebook]
Jermaine Purifory - Smile [Myspace] [Youtube]
Shelby Dressel - Turn Me On [Website] [Facebook]
Jay Stone - Come Together (Beatbox) + Ain't No Sunshine [Pre Idol Youtube]
Janelle Wheeler - House of the Rising Sun [Myspace]
Brittany Star James - American Boy [Myspace]
Kasi Bedford
- Something to Talk About
Cornelius Edwards - Proud Mary
Bernadette DeSimone - Hit The Road Jack [Myspace]
Amanda DeSimone - I Wanna Dance With Somebody [Myspace]
Matthew Lawrence - Trouble

Did not:
Theo Glinton - Heartbreaker
Jared Norrel - Amazing Grace

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