Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paul Kim - Season 9 Correspondent - Episode 3

Hello readers of! My name is Paul Kim and I will be your correspondent for this season of Idol. Let me start off by saying thank you for stopping by to read my thoughts and opinions on this new crop of contestants, and I guarantee we’re going to have a lot of fun this year. I may plug a project or two of mine on here, but this series of posts is going to be all about you, and all about our favorite show, American Idol!

I must apologize for missing last weeks premiere due to a tremendous workload, but I just saw tonight’s episode and have plenty of thoughts to share.

Let’s start off with Katelyn Epperly. I liked her. She showed off beautiful breath control and tone during the audition, and I don’t think we got a chance to see her full personality doing the short montage. I expect her to be one of those contestants that could grow on America, as she opens up and shows a bit of her wild side during her performances. Although I’m not a huge fan of sob story Idol montages, it was hard not to feel for her mother, who seems like a lovely woman.

Next we have Angela Martin! I actually enjoyed this audition a lot. She showed spunk and her song selection was able to show off her range and power. I’m not a huge fan of the bowl cut on her head, but she made up for it with her presence and confidence.

Now onto Charity Vance. It started out very awkwardly for me, but she settled in nicely. I think she sounds a bit squeaky as she tries to reach for notes in the higher register, but her tone in the lower range is beautiful. There was a unique quality about her vocals that I enjoyed, and her humble personality was also a breath of fresh air. Can’t blame her for not being polished at only 16, but she needs a lot of work to even be considered as the next American Idol. I don’t think she has what it takes just yet, but we could be hearing from her again down the road.

How about Paige DeChausse? Her story was touching, which I’m sure made many of you automatically root for her. Her tone was actually surprisingly nice. I loved her soulful and sultry chops. Unfortunately, it’s painfully obvious that she doesn’t have the ear to stay in key. The audition was all over the place in terms of pitch. She actually switched keys a few times during her rendition of “Change is Gonna Come”.

And of course, I saved the last review for my favorite audition of the night, which was by John Park. Am I a little biased because he’s a fellow Korean brother? Maybe it started out that way, since I didn’t know if the producers were showcasing another William Hung, but I was instantly cheering him on. He sang my favorite song, “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”, which I was slated to sing had I lasted another week on season 6. I see a bright future for the young man. It’s still too early to judge whether or not he has any power or range in his vocal prowess, but I’m anxious to see more.

Okay, now onto the tidbits:

Is Shania Twain getting more beautiful as she ages? She is stunning… John Park had Shania making googly eyes at him, while I got Olivia Newton John? What the?

That boob boxing woman scared me half to death! What was that?

Something is just missing for me without Paula as a judge. I loved her, and she brought such a comforting and positive vibe to the show, which now seems to be lacking. I can only imagine what will happen once Simon leaves after this season.

As someone who had to go through this process, it’s a scary yet exciting time in the lives of these contestants. As the season progresses, I’ll give you guys some inside info as to what goes on behind the scenes.

Please stay tuned and show your support for idol360. I’m also open to fielding questions from you guys during the week, and answering the good ones in ensuing posts.

Much love,


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