Saturday, January 9, 2010

Season 9 Hollywood Spotlight - Maegan Wright

Today is the day that the Hollywood round starts filming for American Idol Season 9. In honor of this day, I will be highlighting contestants that have been rumored to receive their golden ticket. As with all spoilers, we might get it wrong from time to time. It's possible we found the wrong person with the same name, or that they didn't make it to Hollywood, but our sources are pretty good. On with the show!

The first contestant we would like to spotlight is:

Maegan Wright

Maegan is a 20 year old singer from Plano, Texas. She has a cover band called "Signed Sealed Delivered" and also has recorded some solo songs. He currently has 5 songs on her myspace. The standout must listen track, in my opinion is "Kinda Like It". She has everything American Idol always seems to be looking for. She has the voice, the looks and marketability. According to her myspace she has been playing piano since she was 4, and writing songs since she was 14.

Is Maegan WRIGHT for American Idol? (That was a horrible pun, and I am sorry) We'll all find out soon! But in the meantime, listen to her music on her myspace, because if she makes it we can expect that it will be removed in the next couple weeks!