Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hollywood Part 3

We will be summarizing all the important stuff that happens during the fast paced GROUP ROUND of HOLLYWOOD on American Idol (If we can catch it all!) If we missed something, please let me know here or on twitter so I can add it to the post!

71 People will compete tonight some of which will be put through to the top 24 on tonight's episode!

Part One:
Angela Martin - American Boy
Casey James - Bubbly
Jermaine Purifoy- Brick House
Jermaine Sellers - Man In The Mirror
Siobhan Magnus - Living For The City
Crystal Bowersox - If It Makes You Happy
Alex Lambert - Sunday Morning & I'm Yours
Michael Lynch - I'm Yours
Todrick Hall - I'm Yours
Thaddeus Johnson - Man In The Mirror
Charity Vance - Gravity
Tasha Layton - The Scientist
Mary Powers - Hot n Cold
Lloyd Thomas - Man In The Mirror
Hope Johnson - Home
Shelby Dressel - More Than A Feeling
Aaron Kelly - Angel
Ashley Rodriguez - Battlefield
Lee Dewyze - You Found Me
Joe Munoz - Man In The Mirror
Haeley Vaughn - I'm Yours
Janelle Wheeler - Love Story
Tori Kelly - Hot n Cold
Lilly Scott
Andrew Garcia
Tyler Grady
Katie Stevens
Alex Nester
Brian Walker
Christian Spear

46 people total make it to the next round, this will be cut in half for the 2nd part of the episode. No chair / elevator episode this year!

Michelle Delamor, Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott, Siobhan Magnus, Casey James, Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban, Tyler Grady, Todrick Hall, Thaddeus Johnson, Katelyn Epperly, Chris Golightly, Katie Stevens, Shelby Dressel, Haeley Vaughn, Maddie Penrose, Jessica Furney, Angela Martin, Lee DeWyze, Didi Benami, Lacy Brown, Jessica Cunningham, Ahsley Rodriguez, Aaron Kelly, Janell Wheeler, John Park all seem to be in the top 46.

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