Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New music from Season 9's Margo May

Season 9 Hollywood contestant Margo May just sent 2 songs off of her upcoming album for me to share with the Idol360 visitors! Here is what she has to say about the songs and her Idol experience.

"Here is two songs off of my new album due out in a month.

Getting cut on idol came as no surprise. I was one of the few contestants that was an indie singer songwriter. Although this year we did have Crystal, Lilly, and Hayley, all girls who write songs, I would say they are all on the more mainstream side of things. Crystal is the most authentic as far as songwriting goes. I think the other girls all tend to go by a formula, much like Taylor Swift or Rilo Kiley. It is all formatted and brought together by a great voice. Where as I write songs that are a bit more quirky and underground.

Despite the awful group round, (I was in Mary's) I really want to show America that I am a great songwriter, not necessarily an amazing vocalist. You can tell from my songs my voice has character and realness, and that is what Simon and Kara liked of me:) Kara compared me to Bjork, and Simon compared me to Damien Rice:) But they did say I will be an amazing song writer, not an amazing pop vocalist. So alas, American Idol was not my ticket to bringing my music into the world.

My dream is to write music for films. Think of films like Rushmore, Up in the Air, Juno,.....I want to be on soundtracks like that, and possibly break into television and commercials as a start. :)

Thank you for listening to my songs. "

Download "Hurricane" and "Blue Shoes", courtesy of Margo May!

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