Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paul Kim - Season 9 Correspondent - Episode 7

Hello again Idol fans. Here we go for week 3…

The Denver auditions in general were a bit boring. No one was incredible, but there were still some intriguing contestants.

Let’s start with Mark Labriola: He has a fun personality, and a decent voice, although he was extremely pitchy and a bit all over the place during the audition. He did seem to have some nice range, but I don’t see any star power there.

Kimberly Kerlow: A pretty tone to her voice. She possesses a good deal of stage presence as well. There wasn’t a trace of the nerves during her audition. I thought the song choice may have masked her inability to belt in an upper register, but I liked her… What was up with the wig though?

Casey James: Zzzzzzzzz….. That’s all I really need to say.

Tori Kelly: The only thing that impressed me was her riffs and runs. They were very very clean and in tune. Her tone isn’t very unique, but for being only 16, she has tons of potential. One thing I can tell you all is that the judges hate all the runs during performances, so it actually hurts her that her strong suit is all the bells and whistles of singing.

Nicci Nix: Loved her… I can see some being turned off by her uber-perkiness and high-pitched voice, but she’s adorable. I’d like to hear her sing a different song, but the vocals were on point for the song she chose.

Haeley Vaughn: A very solid voice for her age. I actually disagreed with the judges when they said she should have sung in a lower register. Not sure how far she can go in this competition, as there are always amazing female soul singers each year, but I was impressed.

I always save my fave for last, so the tag goes to Danelle Hayes: She is Pink 2.0… Sounding so much like Pink may end up hurting her in the long run, but it was an impressive audition. I’m hoping she can do more than just scream though, because it can be a bit too much, especially since contestants must sing different styles on a weekly basis.


For someone who got her rise to fame in a female pop group, Victoria Beckham sure knows nothing about singing. All her comments were fashion related.

I think Simon should experiment with a new hairstyle.

Ellen Degeneres better be an incredible judge, because Paula’s absence is truly hurting the show.

Bikini Boy: WTF???


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