Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 24 Part 1 Flash Recap

The Top 12 girls take the stage tonight to perform songs from the Billboard Top 10 or the last 40 or so years. This post will highlight the songs the girls are singing tonight as well as some commentary by myself and the judges!

Super fast opening sequence tonight. Also, Simon and Ellen on opposite ends of the judges table, who didn't see that one coming? Ellen starts with the jokes already, and even plays a little comedy sketch? Now is not the time Ellen!

Paige Miles - "All Right Now" by Free - She didn't do so hot, perhaps it's the nerves of going first. Simon says she has the best voice of all the girls, but doesn't like her song choice. Kara disagrees, loved the song choice and loved her voice. Randy doesn't like the song choice, but says she "blows the doors off". Ellen says she is "there and present" and likes her look". Paige says she needs to pee!

Ashley Rodriguez - "Happy" by Leona Lewis - Her piece starts off with Simon making fun of Jordin Sparks. Ashley does a decent rendition of Happy, but is far from the best girl in the competition. Kara says it's a big song, and had some not so great moments, but thinks she will move on anyways. Randy agrees, and adds almost nothing. Ellen does the same. Simon says it was clumsy, and thinks she is not original, and in trouble. Ashley looks like she wants to cry while talking to Ryan.

Janell Wheeler - "What About Love" by Heart - This is ridiculous, how can these people BLOW ME AWAY in Hollywood, then come out with a performance like this which is totally bland and uninspired. Randy says it's not a good song choice. Ellen loved it, and thought only a couple notes were off. Simon says she gave it 100% effort but only delivered 65%, but will still be safe. Kara likes her, but didn't like the song choice.

Lilly Scott - "Fix A Hole" by The Beatles- Best so far. I love her voice, and it was very different. Something you don't always see on American Idol! Ellen says she has a unique voice, loves it. Simon says best so far, and good song choice, but no star power. Kara says she is believable, and that she was comfortable and memorable. Randy loves that she is an indie artist, and reminds him of Duffy and Lilly Allen.

Katelyn Epperly - "Oh Darling" by The Beatles - Decent vocals, not the best but she will make it to the top 20 for sure. Simon says she was Screaming and messy, but he still likes her and her song choice, says she needs work. Kara says she knows what she's doing, and improved the song, but doesn't like her look. Randy likes her tone, and her look. Ellen thinks she may have been pushing too hard, says she is "interesting". Kara says Bitch on live tv.

Haeley Vaughn - "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles - She really changed up the song, and that was not a good thing, this is a song that really didn't need it. She sounded screechy. Kara says her performance had issues, but she still had fun. Randy says she is unpredictable, but didn't hit her notes. Ellen enjoyed it. Simon thought it was terrible. I agree. Ellen says it was a HOT MESS and Ryan agrees!

Lacey Brown - "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac - Very shaky, not a good performance from Lacey. I think she has potential if she makes it past this round. Randy says it was terrible and pitchy. Ellen says she is better than that performance. Simon said it was depressing and indulgent. Kara said it sounded forced. Simon likes her eyes. Lacey said the song speaks to her, and was surprised at Simon's feedback.

Michelle Delamor - "Fallin" by Alicia Keys - Bad song choice, I don't think there is ANYONE that can do this like Alicia. That being said, Michelle gave a solid performance but it was very karaoke sounding in that did almost nothing to make the song her own. Ellen thinks it was fantastic but safe. Simon says she is professional, but not as good as the original. Kara says she is "commercial looking" but it wasn't great. Randy agrees with Ellen, says she should take some risks.

Didi Benami - "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michelson - She reminds me a lot of Megan Joy. Great performance and a very unique voice, she could win this competition! Simon says she is a good singer, but there are too many people trying to sound like Adelle and Duffy; says she has no spark, but has a good voice. Kara says she is creative, but a bit pitchy. Randy says she has no "star factor". Ellen says it wasn't the right song.

Siobhan Magnus - "Wicked Game" by Chris Issac - I love Siobhan and I love her outfits. I am glad the spoilers about her song was wrong. She did a GREAT version of this song. I got chills for real. Kara "kinda liked it", says it was "real". Randy says it was a tough song, but pulled it off after the 2nd verse. Ellen loved it, said she was entertained. Simon loved the song, but didn't think it was good as she was in Hollywood.

Crystal Bowersox - "Hand In My Pocket" by Alanis Morissette - Great performance from Crystal, plus she played TWO instruments! Randy says she is one of his favorites of the night, but perhaps didn't pick the right song. Ellen says she is a fan. Simon likes her, her story and her baby, but thinks she is not original. Kara says she was good, but can be great.

Katie Stevens - "Feeling Good" by Adam Lambert Michael Buble - She did pretty good, but I would stay away from singing anything Adam Lambert ever sang, simply to not piss off all the cray cray Adam Lambert fans out there. Ellen says it was "conservative". Simon agrees, says she needs to act younger. Kara thinks there were audio problems because she was pitchy. Randy thinks she pushed too hard and all her notes were sharp.

My picks for the night are: Lilly, Didi and Siobhan
Vote For The Worst's Pick is: Haeley

My Picks to go home: Ashley and Haeley

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