Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 24 Part 2 Flash Recap

The Top 12 boys take the stage tonight to perform songs from the Billboard Top 10 or the last 40 or so years. This post will highlight the songs the boys are singing tonight as well as some commentary by myself and the judges!

Let's hear it for the boys! Who is ready for some Idol? I think Michael Lynche just tried to eat me. Ellen says if you don't sound good on the stage, than you sound worse at home.

Todrick Hall - "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson - CRAZY version of this song by Todrick Hall. AWESOME, I loved it! Ellen says he is a great performer and loved how took a chance. Randy didn't seem to like the change up. Kara also didn't like the arrangement. Simon thinks it was like a "dancer trying to sing". One day they say the change the song and be original, but today they're saying it's a horrible idea. Simon even want as far as saying it was "stupid" and "torture".

Aaron Kelly - "Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flatts - He's like a country David Archuleta, but doesn't sing this country song as good as I think David could have. I don't like it. Simon says it was "quite a good performance" and thinks he is cute. Kara says he is going to improve every week. Randy says he has a huge voice, but had a couple pitchy moments. Ellen says "ditto to all that" Good work Ellen.

Jermaine Sellers - "Get Here" by Oleta Adams - Not very good. I never thought I would say this, but Justin Guarini did this much better. Ellen thought he pushed too much and went off. Randy thought he tried to do too much. Kara says his runs weren't meaningful. Simon says he over sang in the middle and blew his chances on the show. WHO IS MICHAEL? I love you Michael Orland!

Tim Urban - "Apologize" by One Republic - They show Tim getting his callback after being cut from the competition, but never explain why. His performance is bland and he fails at his high notes. Simon says he has weak vocals, and the did the right think cutting him. Kara says he is likeable cute and current. Randy says it was the wrong song. Ellen says he couldn't hit the high notes, but he is adorable. Tim says his song was a last minute switch.

Joe Munoz - "You And I Both" by Jason Mraz - This is the first REAL time we are seeing Joe sing. You and I Both was my audition song for season 5. He is a little shaky, but does a good job overall. I think he will be safe, but I doubt he will make the top 12. Ellen says he sounded really really good. Randy says he has a great sound. Kara says she liked the song choice, and was the best of the night. Simon thinks it was okay, safe and forgettable. Why is Kara staring at Simon?

Tyler Grady - "American Woman" by The Guess Who - Tyler already looks like a rockstar, but I don't think he has the vocals to pull it off. He has a lot of fans already, so I think he will be safe. Simon says people will remember it for the wrong reasons. Kara says he is acting too much like Jim Morrison, and is not original. Randy says it was style over substance. Ellen says he doesn't have the stage charisma and excitement as the people he is trying to imitate.

Lee DeWyze - "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol - Lee is dressed like a slob, the song he was signing was almost unrecognizable. I love the original, and he did not do it justice at all. Ellen liked his song choice and his tone. Randy didn't like the song, also "rangey" Randy is making up words now. Kara didn't like it. Simon says it was the best performance, and that Lee is a naturally good singer.

John Park - "God Bless The Child" by Billie Holiday - John is not as good as I wanted him to be, but still held his own. Started off kind of off, but got better near the end. Go John! Simon says his voice is not good enough for that song. Kara agrees, says he has no connection. Randy liked the runs, but said the song was old feeling. Ellen did not like the song choice, but liked the performance. John says the song is meaningful to him, then he makes a fool of himself explaining why.

Michael Lynche - "This Love" by Maroon 5 -Love his song choice, thought his use of the guitar was useless, he hardly played it. As for the vocals, they were good enough to send him to the next round, but I expected more from him. Ellen loves his personality. Randy agrees with Ellen. Kara says the lifted everyone's spirits. Simon says he was "the support act before the main act".

Alex Lambert - "A Wonderful World" by James Morrison - Alex calls out Mary Powers for this bad group round during his intro package. He ALMOST has a mullet. Forgettable. Simon said it was uncomfortable. Kara wants to hug him, says he sounds like James Morrison. Randy and Ellen like him. Ellen wants to... eat a banana.

Casey James - "Heaven" by Bryan Adams - This song was one of Elliott Yamin's shining performances. I feel the judges playing around on the side messed with Casey a little bit at the beginning. It looked like he was trying not to laugh during his entire performance. Almost reminds me of a male Carmen Rasmusen. Kara is starstruck by Casey, she was speechless. Ellen said he sounded great. Randy really liked it. Simon said he was honest and likable.

Andrew Garcia - "Sugar We're Going Down" by Fall Out Boy - He delivered a solid performance, but you can only do so many slowed down guitar songs before people get sick of them. That being said, he has a very nice voice. Simon was disappointed. Kara thought it was strange. Randy thought it was strange. Ellen thought Straight Up was better.

Who I think is going home: Jermaine & Tim
Vote For The Worst Pick: Tim
Favorites: Todrick, Joe & John

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