Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 10 Results - Live Blog

Tonight on American Idol, Diddy and Young Money perform. We will also see a performance from Ruben Studdard. One person will be sent home, but after last night's train wreck who knows who it will be. Tune in to my live blog to find out all the details as the show airs!

Idol opens with a Clash Of The Titans promo, mixed with some footage from the show. I don't like it, it doesn't make sense.

Ruben performs "Don't Make Em Like You Anymore". Ruben and Big Mike stand side by side. Ruben is bigger, but Mike has more muscle. Ruben plugs his tour with Clay.

Ford Music Video: Kung Fu Fighting. Are they even TRYING anymore?


Lee says he feels like he is getting more comfortable on stage. He is SAFE!
Casey says he can always give more, and sometimes plays it safe. He is SAFE.
Aaron says he's never been in love. He is safe.

Simon says this is not the Oprah show, and he should get back to the singing.

Siobhan says she is a human being, and won't make excuses. She says she is not defeated. She is SAFE!
Katie says she takes the judges advice and works it into who she is going to become. She is in the BOTTOM 3.

Usher "performs" OMG with Idol should have an autotune theme night. looks like he is wearing a skirt.

Didi says it's scary to play the guitar on stage. She is in the BOTTOM 3. :(
Mike is SAFE. Mike picks Ryan off the ground and lifts him at least 3 feet in the air, awesome.
Crystal is SAFE.
Tim smiles his way into the bottom 3.
Andrew is safe.

Katie get's sent back, she is safe.

Diddy Dirty Money sings "Hello Goodmorning". More autotune.

Didi has the least amount of votes this week and is in danger of being eliminated. Didi sings Rhiannon, and the judges do not choose to use the save on her. Didi is eliminated.