Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol Top 11 (Redux) - Studio Versions

Just like last week, I'll be reviewing the iTunes studio versions of all the Idol's songs. I'm going to listen to them all and run down my opinions as I listen for the first time! (Click on the song titles to download and listen along with me! Or get them all with one click.)

Casey AbramsYour Song - I think this is the first time Casey's studio recording was just as good or better than his live performance. Although I hope he doesn't stay this reserved for the rest of the competition. He had to this week because of what happened last time, but I kind of miss fun crazy Casey.

Haley ReinhartBennie and the Jets - Haley is turning out to be one of the best in this whole competition. But I'm not sure if I should give her dark horse status just yet. However if this recording is a sign of things to come, Haley should have no problem making it to at least the top 5. I think she has the most radio friendly voice in the competition aside from maybe Lauren.

Jacob LuskSorry Seems to be the Hardest Word - I have mixed feelings about Jacob. He's got a great voice, but it's not really my style of music so I find it hard to root for him, because I know if he wins (which he probably wont) that I won't listen to his album more than once. So yeah, it was a good song and all, but he needs to be a little more contemporary.

James DurbinSaturday Night’s Alright (for Fighting) - James is more suited for Arena Rock than for the radio I think. He's an excellent performer, but that's including the visuals such as a flaming piano, which obviously don't come across in this recording. That being said, this is probably one of James' best performances so far.

Lauren AlainaCandle in the Wind - Another great recording by Lauren. With the right songs, I could see her doing well in the music business. This song shows that she can sing, and now that that's out of the way, she should be free to rock out next week. I think she can, and should!

Naima AdedapoI’m Still Standing -This accent and arrangement is just corny. Naima has turned this competition into a joke. Being "yourself" is fine, but "herself" doesn't have a Jamaican accent, so that's clearly not who she really is. Awful.

Paul McDonaldRocket Man - The arrangement for this recoding is really neat. And I know I say it every week, but Paul's voice is pretty much amazing. Sure, maybe he doesn't hit every note, but he still sounds awesome. This probably tops my list of favorite Paul performances this year.

Pia ToscanoDon’t Let the Sun Go Down for Me - Pia's vocals are always flawless. Even to the point where I don't mind if she sings a ballad every week. She is however getting to the Catherine McPhee territory, and even though the came in 2nd, we all see how well that turned out for her. Pia, don't let Kara write any songs for you.

Scotty McCreeryCountry Comfort -I don't like Scotty, he doesn't sing the kind of music I like. I THINK he's a good country singer, but I don't know anything about country music.

Stefano LangoneTiny Dancer  - I'm not sure what happened to Stefano. He used to have a smooth powerful voice, but now it's kind of sounding nasaly and weak. With a little work he might be able to sound like a bootleg Bruno Mars, but I don't think he has that much time left on Idol.

Thia MegiaDaniel - Thia is another girl that needs to just let loose and go all out. She does have a beautiful voice, but she's kind of getting robotic now. Someone should reprogram her to sing a more upbeat song.

Do you agree or disagree with my comments? Which was your favorite? Let me know on twitter @Idol360