Monday, March 21, 2011

Thailand's Got Talent - "Duet"

This video was too good not to post. This Taiwanese beauty sings both the male and female parts of a duet. You have to see it to believe it! Amazing!

1st Judge - You fooled me right from the moment we met. How is it possible??
2nd Judge - She is pretty right?
Crowd - Yes very pretty...
2nd Judge - I have to say that she had talent too. I had a shock on the 2nd part of the song everyone were like Hey!  What do you think?
3rd Judge - I still believe in my instinct. My sensor said that she isn't like what I saw. When she started singing I thought I was wrong but on the 2nd part of the song I know that my instinct was right from the start.
2nd Judge - I am so jealous, the two male host knew me for 10 yrs and never hug me before.

-Singer Interview-
I was teased a lot, several nicknames. But we also had to bear with it all along. My father can't accept who I am. The bad part is my father even beat me in hoping that I will change back to normal. I wanted to tell Dad, that I love you very much and I finally did it!