Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eurovision 2011 - Reality Show Connections!

Eurovision 2011 has come and gone. This year's winners are Ell/Nikki of Azerbaijan. They're song Running Scared is great, a very deserving win!

As I'm sure a lot of you know. The Idol and X Factor formats are popular world wide, and some of this year's Eurovision contenders are the product of such shows. Let's take a look!

Katy Wolf was a finalist on "X Faktor" in Hungary. She placed 22nd on this year's Eurovision with her song "What About My Dreams?"

 Loukas Giorkas won X Factor in Greece and performed "Watch My Dance" with Mihalis Exarhos aka Stereo Mike, bringing them to 7th place on this year's Eurovision.

Nadine Beiler was the winner of Austria's Starmania in 2007 and went on to place 18th with "The Secret Is Love".

Poli Genova failed to make it past the Eurovision semi finals with her song "На инат" however she is currently a singer on Dancing with the Stars: Bulgaria.
Dana International's song "Ding Dong" did not get past the semi finals this time around. Dana had previously won Eurovision back in 1998. Dana is now a judge on the Israeli version of Idol, Kokhav Nolad.

Maja Keuc placed 13th on Eurovision this year with her song "No One". Maja previously placed 2nd on Slovenia's Got Talent.

Getter Jaani performed "Rockefeller Street" putting her into 24th place on this year's Eurovision. She placed 4th on Eesti otsib superstaari, Estonian Idol.

Jedward is perhaps the most well known of the group, placing 8th with there song "Lipstick". Jedward placed 6th on X Factor UK.

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