Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Voice Episode 3 - The Battle Rounds Spoilers

Each singer will pair off with someone from their team to sing the same song. The coach of that team will then pick which contestant goes home. Here is what is in store for tonight:

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Tarralyn Ramsey vs. Frenchie Davis - Single Ladies. Tarralyn and Frenchie don't seem to be getting along during dress rehearsals. But I guess I can see why, they're both battling for one spot.  I don't know if this rivals her Idol performance of Band Of Gold, but Frenchie really did great. Tarralyn is clearly the weaker of the two in this performance. Christina picks Frenchie to move on and sends Tarralyn home. [DOWNLOAD]

Patrick Thomas vs. Tyler Robinson - Burnin' Love. Tyler Robinson looks like he should be a Warbler. Patrick Thomas isn't really doing anything for me on this one, but Tyler isn't bringing enough power, he's getting drowned out by the music. This is a tough call. Cee-Lo and Adam pick Tyler, but their votes don't count. Blake chooses Patrick, the country guy, no surprise there. [DOWNLOAD]

Tim Mahoney vs. Casey Weston - Leather and Lace. Casey sounds a little shaky, maybe she's nervous? That vibrato is pretty strong. Tim has a really similar sound to Casey, same vibrato and everything. I can see why Adam put them together. I can't say I liked one more than the other. Blake likes Casey, and Cee-Lo liked Tim. Adam ultimately picked Casey. [DOWNLOAD] 

Vicci Martinez vs. Niki Dawson - Perfect. Niki Dawson's got some tails on tonight. Taking fashion tips from James Durbin? This is the best performance of the season so far. These girls sound great together and it sucks that one of them has to go home. Niki was robbed! I really wish they could both stay! [DOWNLOAD]

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