Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Voice Episode 10 - Spoilers and Live Blog

Tonight is the final performance episode of the Voice. The top 4 contestants will sing an "original song" and a duet with their judge.

Live Blog:

Adam, Blake, CeeLo and Christina sing Under Pressure. Carson says it was sort of a list minute thing, and you could kind of tell.

Javier Colon - Stitch by Stitch (NEW SONG!). Rodney Jerkins worked with Javier on this song. I wonder if Jimmy Iovine knows about this. This is not the best performance from Javier, I think he was a lot better last week with Fix You. [DOWNLOAD]

Dia Frampton / Blake Shelton - I Won't Back Down. Blake and Dia look cute in their matching outfits and sunglasses. Very blues brothers-y. It was a fun performance, and you can tell Blake really likes working with Dia. [DOWNLOAD]

Vicci Martinez - Afraid To Sleep (NEW SONG!). These original songs are not the best, but this might be Vicci's best performance vocally. [DOWNLOAD]

Pitbull / Ne-Yo -  Give Me Everything.  Bad, boring, filler. Wait, Did Pitbull just say "Money like Seacrest"?

Beverly McClellan / Christina Aguilera - Beautiful. I have a good feeling about this one. It was nice, but I wish Beverly stuck to the melody and just sang it.  [DOWNLOAD]

Cross promotion time. Katherine McPhee gets interviewed by Carson about her new show Smash, in which she sings Beautiful. Followed by an extended preview of the show in which you can hear part of the song.

Dia Frampton - Inventing Shadows (NEW SONG!). This song is great and Dia sounds great on it. I'll be listening to this one for a while. GO DIA! [DOWNLOAD]

Javier Colon / Adam Levine - Man In The Mirror. This performance was awesome, but I don't know if that's just because I love Adam Levine or not. Although Javier is totally downing out Adam.  [DOWNLOAD]

Brad Paisley - Don't Drink The Water. Blake gets out of his judges chair half way through the song and joins Brad on stage. And Brad's guitar has a paisley pattern on it, I see what you did there.

Beverly McClellan - Lovesick (NEW SONG!). Not really feeling this song, and I think Beverly can do better than this really. [DOWNLOAD]

Vicci Martinez /CeeLo Green - Love Is A Battlefield. Okay, this is awesome. The outfits are great, the song is great. Good job Vicci and CeeLo! [DOWNLOAD]

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