Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Voice Episode 11 - Spoilers and Live Blog

Tonight is the final episode of The Voice Season 1. Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez or Beverly McClellan. Will be crowned The Voice.

Live blog:

Nice recap of last night's episode. Followed by the top 4 back stage on Jay Leno. That must have been fun for them! They got to sing with former American Idol music guy Ricky Minor!

Pat Monahan and Vicci Martinez are up first. Maybe they will sing kris Allen's The Truth. lol. They're singing Drops Of Jupiter. Pat Monahan is kind of awful, but Vicci makes up for it, a little Actually to be honest, this performance is kind of a mess.

Stevie Nicks and Javier Colon are up after the break. How are they going to fill this 2 hours?I was just informed it's only an hour. This show changes every week, I don't know what's going on sometimes. :P They're singing Landslide, this is a great song. And it sounds great.. you know on the album when it came out. Javier sounds great though. Alright, it was better than I thought it was at the beginning, but it's still a totally random pairing. Adam Levine admits that he's holding back the tears. He says it's one of the most beautiful duets he's ever heard in his life.

Ryan Tedder and Beverly McClellan perform next! They're singing Good Life by One Republic. I've never heard this song, I had to google it. Bev and Ryan hit a ton of bum notes. This is not a good performance. Worst of the whole season, it's too bad too, because I usually like Beverly.

A performance by Miranda Lambert and Dia Frampton is up next! I have been looking forward to this all episode! They're singing The House That Built me. Dia sounded a little raspy in the beginning, but she's coming back around. Best performance of the night, by far! 

The top 2 were within 2% of each other. Dia is SAFE and in the top 2. Javier is SAFE and in the Top 2. Beverly and Vicci are eliminated. Ryan announces Dia #1 on iTunes and Javier #2.