Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sing Off Season 3 Episode 1 - Spoilers

Here are the songs the new cast of The Sing Off will be singing tonight. 8 of 16 groups will perform:

The YellowJackets - Wavin' Flag - I didn't really like this performance. I found it to be sort of patronizing in a way. I don't they really conveyed the message of the song.

Fannin Family - Who Says - Totally amateur group. I was not feeling this one at all.

Afro Blue - Put Your Records On -  Out of all the groups in the opening number, I liked Afro Blue the least, but the lead on this song was pretty good. The instrumentals seemed kind of weak though, like they learned to do this just for the show and it's not really who they are.

Delilah - Grenade - Delilah is a Sing Off super group made of girls from the last 2 seasons. The arrangement on this one was slower than the original. But it was seriously amazing. They'll make it to next week for sure.

ELIMINATION TIME. Delilah and Afro Blue are SAFE! The YellowJackets are SAFE and Fannin Family is going home.

Urban Method - Love The Way You Lie - This group manages to blend rap and a cappella perfectly. I didn't like how he was rapping and the girls were singing the chorus at the same time though. It just sounded messy.

The Cat's Pajamas - Some Kind Of Wonderful - Something about this group I just can't get behind. I like their pink shirts, but that's about it. Kind of boring if I'm being honest.

Kinfolk 9 - Secrets - I liked these guys, but I'd really like to hear their lead with a real band behind him.

Vocal Point - Jump Jive N Wail - These guys were just alright. I don't think I would mind if they went home however. That being said, I don't think they will.

ELIMINATION TIME. Vocal Point and Urban Method are SAFE! Kinfolk 9 is SAFE and The Cat's Pajamas is going home.

Performing next week:
The Collective Nashville troupe formed by season-two contestant Jeremy Lister (Street Corner Symphony)
Dartmouth Aires 15 quirky guys from the New Hampshire Ivy League school
The Deltones Co-ed ensemble from The University of Delaware
Messiah’s Men Liberian refugees on a mission to serve God through music
North Shore A Boston-based streetcorner ensemble tackling music from the ’40 to today
Pentatonix Five-member group from Arlington, Tex., with eclectic musical tastes
Sonos Well-known professional a cappella group who have collaborated in the past with Bareilles
Soul’d Out Co-ed high school club from Wilsonville, Ore.