Thursday, October 13, 2011

X Factor USA - Judges Homes

The baseball game last night went on long enough to delay X Factor an entire day. But we have a sneak peek at the episode. I don't want to spoil it for my twitter friends, so I will do my "live blog" below! I used to doing this on twitter, so it will probably just look like a series of short tweets and comments.

X Factor USA Episode 7 Live Blog:

The girls AND Simon are all very excited to have Simon as a mentor. Simon says "I know the winner is in this category".

The 2 newly formed groups from bootcamp are called "Intensity" and "Lakoda Rayne"

"I have helped mold and shape many superstar careers" - Paula

Nicole brings on Enrique Iglesias to help her judge. Paula has Pharrell. Simon was supposed to have Mariah Carey but was suck in the US due to Hurricane Irene. LA brings on Rihanna.

Hearing Rihanna talk kind of blows my mind. I forgot she had an accent.

First up to perform for LA and Rihanna is Bryan "Astro" Bradley with Can't Nobody Hold Me Down by Puff Daddy. I don't really like his attitude, but he is beatboxing and putting on a pretty solid performance. Rihanna is almost in tears. LA seems unsure, thinks he may just be a novelty.

Simone Battle is the first of the girls to sing for Simon. I did not like her last week and she forgot all her words. This time around she is singing Help! By The Beatles. Her outfit is terrible, but her singing is actually really good today.

I like how Steve Jones is at all the Judges houses at the same time.

The Anser is going first in front of Paula and Pharell for the groups. They're singing Perfect by Pink and it is an absolute trainwreck. When the one guy was singing alone at the beginning it was okay, but once they all go in there the whole thing just fell apart.

Dexter Haygood is singing some sort of whacked out version of Beyonce's Crazy In Live for Nicole and Enrique. It's quite strange, but I really want to see what he can do on the big stage. He's fun to watch. From homeless to millionaire? That would be something. "I wanna be the best". Don't cry Dexter! I liked it!

Skyler Anderson is next for LA. He is singing Nobody Knows by Babyface (or Tony Rich). He needs a lot of work. This wasn't a good performance for him. Rihanna says he has a lot to work with an needs to be polished. LA is not sure if he is an authentic country singer.

My favorite Tora Woloshin is up next! I am really excited to see her. She says she is struggling with the song and memorizing the lyrics. I love her voice, I love everything about Tora. She seemed to struggle with the words a little bit, I think she only sang the chorus a couple times, but it SOUNDED great.

NEW group up now, Lakoda Rayne formed in Bootcamp made from 4 eliminated contestants who didn't even know each other before this. They are singing Lady Gaga's Born This Way. They all seem pretty good solo, but they need some work singing together still. They'll get there with practice I think.

Stacy Francis is singing Purple Rain by Prince. She is good, but she didn't wow like she did in previous performances. She has a nice voice, but something was missing this time around I think.

The Brewer Boys, Nathan and Justin, are up next. Paula picked... Only Girl In The World by Rihanna. What a weird song choice. But they really did a good job. But on the other hand, you can search for any pop song on youtube and find a million videos that sound just like this.

Phillip Lomax is also singing Rihanna, but in his case is has to perform it TO Rihanna. He is singing a totally re arranged version of Please Don't Stop The Music. Total lounge act. I think he would do well selling a CD of pop covers re done in this style, but I don't think it's worth 5 million dollars. This is the first time I have heard Phillip come out of his comfort zone a little though.

Elaine Gibbs is singing Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis (Leona Lewis version). This is a song that I think Elaine would never ever have chosen for herself, but it worked. I love this song and she did a really good version.

Caitlin Koch is singing Will You Love Me Tomorrow. She is really great. This is one the the best versions of this song I have heard in a while.

I was never a huge fan of Nick Voss, I always thought he was kind of a fake, not very genuine. This performance of Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears didn't sway me to the other side. Time to cut this one loose.

4Shore up now. They are singing If You Love Me by Brownstone. I am not a 4Shore fan, they sing well together, but they don't have anyone solid enough to do solos in my opinion.

James Kenny is next for the over 30s. His version of Rihanna's Russian Roulette was actually really really great, I hope I get to hear more from him.

Another one of my top favorites Drew Ryniewicz is up now with It Must Have Been Love by Roxette. This was one of the best performance of the episode. This girl is really good, and I think she'd be very successful out in the real music world too.

This episode will air THURSDAY 10/13 at 8PM EST.  And the NEXT episode will be SUNDAY 10/16 at 8PM EST

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