Thursday, December 31, 2009

Season 9 Hollywood preview

American Idol is coming back very soon, and thanks to VFTW and MJ's Big Blog we have some contestant previews!

These people are all rumored to have made it to the Hollywood rounds. But due to the nature of the show, and the fact that the Hollywood rounds haven't even been filmed yet, we may never see these people on TV.

Heather Todd (Bio@MJBB) (Myspace Music)
Bryce Larsen (Bio@MJBB) (Buddy Holly)
Daniel Murillo (Bio@MJBB) (Hey Ya)
Moorea Masa (Bio@MJBB) (Video Bio)
Chris Golightly (Stand By Me)
Michelle (Chain Of Fools)
Nick Lynch (Bio@MJBB) (Open Arms)
Katelyn Clampett (Bio@MJBB) (You Oughta Know)
Aaron Kelly (Bio@MJBB) (Jesus Take The Wheel)
Margo May (Bio@MJBB) (Love Somebody)
Jason Diaz (Bio@MJBB) (Isn't She Beautiful)
Jessica Paige Furney (Bio@MJBB)
Siobhan Magnus (Bio+Video@VFTW)
Artheria La'Bry (Bio@VFTW)
Alex Nester (Unique)
Derek Klena (Bring Him Home)
Melissa Bitanga (The Climb)
Katie Bernard (Myspace Music)
Angela Martin (Myspace Music)
Frankie Jordan (Myspace Music)
David Gowryluck (Pop Tower Article)
JB Ahfua (Photo)
Lilly Scott (Starpulse Article)
Lee DeWyze (Predicament)
Kat Nestel (Saw Red)
Michael Castro (Season 8 Audition)
Maddy Curtis (On My Own [video removed])
Savannah Low - (Maybe This Time)
Samuel Larsen - (Photo) (Viva La Vida)

Will one of these people be the next American Idol?

Know someone that made it to Hollywood? Let me know in the comments!

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