Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LA Flash Recap

This post will be highlighting all of the contestants from tonight's American Idol episode.

Made It To Hollywood:
Jim Ranger [Myspace]
Mary Powers - Love Is A Battlefield
Andrew Garcia - Sunday Morning [Youtube]
Tasha Layton - Baby Baby Baby [Twitter]
Chris Golightly - Stand By Me [Myspace]

Did Not:
Neil Goldstein - Rock And Roll Dreams Come True
Jason Wilson - All By Myself
Jess Chang - King Fu Fighting
Martin Perez
Damien Lefavor- You've Lost That Loving Feeling
A.J. Mendoza - Cult Of Personality
Austin Fullmer - Surrender
Jason Greene - I Touch Myself

Also Seen:
From Adam Lambert Montage: Cassidy Haley + Michael Castro

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