Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paul Kim - Season 9 Correspondent - Episode 5

Hello idol360 fans! Here we go with another installment of my weekly AI correspondence. Let’s just jump right into it:

Jim Ranger the worship pastor: Decent voice, but just doesn’t have that “it” factor to keep me interested or even remember his audition. I did like his original song though. I don’t see him going very far in the competition.

Mary Powers: The raspy tone was a nice surprise and her diction was reminiscent of an old school vocalist. Again, she didn’t blow me away, but I can see her bad girl image being appealing to a certain demographic.

Tasha Layton: I already know a lot of you probably thought she was boring, but I actually loved her performance. Her tone is very unique and a breath of fresh air. Not sure if she has the type of personality that gets millions of votes on a weekly basis, but I can tell you, she’d sound great in the studio.

Chris Golightly: I’ve seen this name floating around the internet for a few weeks now. Personally, I was disappointed. His vocals are too soft and weak to be able to handle big songs. He does sound quite polished though, as he was only flat on a few notes, and his riffs and runs were clean. The curly do and skin tone just remind me too much of a poor man’s Justin Guarini, but I can see him getting a lot of the tween vote.

Andrew Garcia: Once again, I saved the best for last. And this guy is my new favorite in the entire competition so far. This guy blew me away. His voice is actually very similar to my old buddy Sway Penala from season 5… Andrew is going to go far in this competition; book it. He absolutely nailed that audition, and you can tell there’s a lot more where that came from… Range, power, tone, breath control, riffs, etc. were all on point.

Now for Tidbits:

I really could do without the bad auditions. I know they draw a different variety of viewers, but they just make me cringe, and feel terrible for the poor people being embarrassed on national television.

Have to say the same for all the early back stories. At this point in the show, we should just be seeing these contestants sing. When a certain participant gets a back story, they get an unfair advantage over someone who was barely even shown on the show. Obviously the producers do this intentionally, because they know who they want in the top 12… It’s the reason why Sanjaya was guaranteed millions of votes before he even hit the live portion of the show… Not that he didn’t deserve them.

Avril Lavigne made for a terrible guest judge. I highly doubt she’d get put through to Hollywood if she auditioned for the show.

Katy Perry is ridiculously hot, but does anyone else think she could use a slice of humble pie?

Till we meet again,


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