Saturday, February 27, 2010

Elliott Yamin in Middle of Chilean Earthquake

There is some SCARY stuff going down in Chile right now, and we are getting a first hand account of it from Elliott Yamin who is currently in the center of it all in Chile. There is some scary stuff being posted to twitter. Elliott is diabetic and currently does not have enough supplies, and all the airports are closed. Here is what he has said on twitter starting about 4 hours ago:

Huge earthquake just now in Chile!!....I swear I thought this was the end of my life!!!!!

Fuck!!!!!! I take it all back everybody!!....I just escaped w my life,from an 8.3 earthquake!!! everybody ok?...where was the epicener?

Complete and utter choas on the heart is beatin outta my chest!....tsunami warnin...I am only a mile inland!

Hey everybody...we r totally safe and sound 4 the time being...I'm finally calmer,and dawn is approaching,which will help!..thx 4 ur prayers

I'm totally calm now....were all blankets from our rooms, and we're all hudled on the aftershox in a while..

Oh shit!! come some more aftershox....sweet jesus,and baby jesus!!

So...1 min, I'm trashin this competition on twitter, the next,I'm runnin 4 my life 2 safety!...what a contrast!...I hope & pray yall are ok!

Whoa!! bro just informed me that cnn is relayin my tweets!!...please knw that we r safe, and there is currently no threat of a tsunami

Attn cnn/world: we r worried from ur reports of a tsunami, yet no warning sirens have sounded yet!...the army here is advising us 2 stay put

Hey yall...I'm gonna go live on the 2day about 45 min...tune in...I'm becoming a world reporter/correspondent!..who knew?!?!

just got off the phone w ABC,gonna go on the air with them right after I do NBC...tune in 4 a full report..if singin doesn't work out.....

Whoa!!...just felt a pretty strong aftershock!...mother nature aint givin up on yet!!

Just got word that the airport in Santiago is closed...the tarmac has been reduced 2 blood sugar is really hi

Imma Type 1 diabetic, and was sppsd 2 leave sunday.I only packed enuf insulin pump supplies 2 last til then....airports r closed!

The next closest airport 2 where we r in vina del mar is 6 hrs away!!...we've felt about 30 aftershox already!!!

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