Thursday, February 25, 2010

How To Fix The Top 12.

This is no shortage of criticism for this year's batch of Idol kids. From former Hollywood contestants, to former finalists, to members of the media. I think most would agree that this year's competition is off to a rough start. But how can Idol recover from this unfortunate top 24? I have the answer!

The powers that be are not afraid to change the rules of the competition with little or no warning. From expanding the show to a top 36/13 last year, then changing back to the old format this year, and the addition (and probably subtraction) of the judges veto, to name a few. But non of Idol's rule changes were as game changing as the Wild Card round in season 2. Some contestants were asked back to the wild card round after being cut in Hollywood, even if they didn't make the top 24! Carmen Rasmusen won a wild card spot in the top 12 and never looked back, sailing all the way to 6th place.

This is exactly what Idol needs to bring back this year. There was lots of AMAZING talent cut in the Hollywood round. What the folks over at Idol need to do is this: Cut the top 24 down, week by week until we have a Top 10. At this point they should have a special wild card episode consisting of 12 contestants. 3 boys and 3 girls that made it to the top 24 and were cut, and 3 boys and 3 girls that were cut in Hollywood.

My suggestions for the Hollywood contestants would be: Luke Edgemon, Ben Honeycutt and Chris Golightly for the boys and Samantha Musa, Alex Nester, and Mary Powers for the girls. I would choose Chris and Mary solely for the drama they would create being back on the show, and the other 4 because they are genuinely talented and deserve a second chance. From this episode we would get the final 2 contestants for our Top 12!

I think this is a solid plan if Idol wants to recover from the lackluster performances of the past 2 nights. So take my advice Idol! And if you want any more ideas, I have a million of them... you know where to find me!