Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top 24 Results Show - Live Blog

It's time to send 4 people home on American Idol. Who will it be? I picked Jermaine, Tim, Ashley and Haeley to go home. We'll see what happens once the live show starts.

24 Million Votes! Plus Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen will perform.

Group song - American Boy by Estelle. Did Lee just say he liked "this American boy"? Very weird song choice.

Results are starting. Siobhan is SAFE! Haeley is SAFE. Michelle is SAFE. Katelyn is SAFE. Katie is SAFE. Janell is GOING HOME.

Janell sings What About Love. They Don't show a goodbye package for her, so much for the new Idol boot song people have been talking about today.

Allison Iraheta sings Scars, and looks beautiful. No one this year can compare to her. If she was on this season she would have won hands down.

More results. Paige is SAFE. Lacey is SAFE. Lilly is SAFE. Crystal is SAFE. Ashley is GOING HOME. Didi is SAFE.

Ashley unhappily sings Happy.

They show footage of Tyler rehearsing ON STAGE in a bathrobe, haha.

More results. Mike is SAFE. John is SAFE. Aaron is SAFE. Todrick is SAFE. Tim is SAFE. Joe is GOING HOME.

Joe sings You and I Both.

Idol Give Back is April 21st. Kris talks about his time in Haiti.

Kris Allen sings Let It Be over a Haiti montage including clips of him working in Haiti. Cale is on the piano. Kris sings this song beautifully. Once it is released to iTunes, all proceeds will be donated to Haiti relief. #UNFKrisAllen

Casey is SAFE. Jermaine is SAFE. Lee is SAFE. Andrew is SAFE. Alex is SAFE. Tyler is GOING HOME.

A montage is shown for Janell, Ashley, Joe and Tyler.

Tyler sings American Woman.

It's over!

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