Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An interview with Alex Nester

American Idol has shown us some great talent this year, but what about the talent American Idol DIDN'T show us?

After auditioning in Denver, 25 year old Alex Nester had dreams of making it big in Hollywood. But you would never know it watching American Idol this year, as she has never been shown singing. I recently had the chance to interview her, after having little to no screen time on the Idol stage.

Read all about her idol experience, her thoughts on who might win, her unseen back story, her album, and what she is hoping for the future.

Idol360: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

Idol360: What was the audition process like, starting with your first audition in front of the
producers, all the way to the one we are used to seeing on TV with Simon and the other judges?
Alex Nester: The audition process was definitely a trip! Lot's of waiting, but it was cool becuase you couldn't really help but meet a lot of new people. I tell ya, you definitely bond with people during this whole process! Even it's just the first day. Seeing the judges was crazy--pretty darn nerveracking to see those people in person, and knowing that you're going to get a "yes" or "no" to your face is pretty crazy too--usually auditions don't quite work that way. You audition for some sort of show or gig, they say thank, and you walk out the door and hope you get a call back. So it's definitely a bit of a different world. Not to mention the fact that your audition may very well be seen on national television by 30-some-odd million people! But I got 4 yeses so I was very happy that day!!

Idol360: I would imagine that thinking about all the people watching at home can make you a little nervous!
Alex Nester: It's weird, but that part actually doesn't bother me too much. A lot of people have asked me if I get nervous around the cameras and such because of how many people will see that footage, but it really doesn't get to me. I get more nervous just thinking about how I might trip and fall flat on my face!

Idol360: You mention meeting new people. Who did you bond with the most during your time on Idol?
Alex Nester: I spent a lot of time with Farayi Moore, Tawny McCorkle, Katie Bernard, Tasha Layton during Hollywood week. All really unbelieveable singers! Katie and Tasha were my roommates while I was there, and I knew Farayi from before the auditions. Honestly, though, everyone there was really great--they were all just cool, fun people =)
Idol360: Awesome, it must be nice to have someone there with you that you already know.
Alex Nester: Yes!! I was so happy to already know somebody going in to Hollywood Week! It was very comforting to know that she was there too.

Idol360: We have yet to see you sing on Idol, what did you sing while on the show?
Alex Nester: Farayi and I both accompanied ourselves on keyboard for our first audition in Hollywood, and I brought a little keyboard with me that we both practiced with in the rooms.... It definitely made for heavier luggage, but it was very helpful to have it to practice with.
Well, for my audition for the judges in Denver I sang "Think" by Aretha Franklin. For my first audition in Hollywood I played (keyboard) and sang "I've Got To Use My Imagination" by Gladys Knight & The Pips. And for my group audition I did "Get Ready" by The Temptations. For my third audition in Hollywood (with full band) I sang "Living For The City" by Stevie Wonder
Idol360: Some great song choices! Why do you think they didn't show you on TV? Maybe they're saving you for next year?
Alex Nester: Thank you! I love those songs--so much fun to sing!! ...I don't really know why they didn't show me, but at this point I certainly hope it's because they're saving me for next year!! ;) Maybe this year just wasn't the year for a soul singer.

Idol360: Maybe you need to make up a sob story for next year, that seems to be big this year.
Alex Nester: But I had one! Unfortunately, two other people had them too. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 16. Had chemo, lost all my hair--the whole bit
Idol360: Oh wow, I'm sorry.
Alex Nester: It's funny, because Denver was the first episode they filmed, but the last they aired. Maybe if Denver had aired earlier they might have shown it--before the other two cancer stories. They even had me featured on a promo for the Denver episode talking about my cancer--another reason I was kind of surprised when they didn't show me at all.
Idol360: Are you okay now?
Alex Nester: Yep! Absolutely 100% cancer-free =)
Idol360: That's excellent!

Idol360: Who do you have your eye on this year as a possible winner? Any favorites?
Alex Nester: Hmmm.... I really like Jermaine Sellers, Lilly Scott, Ashley Rodriguez, Michael Lynch, Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus. They're all very strong contenders. I loved Jeffrey David Goldford and Luke Edgemon though--they were really killer vocalists and I wish they would have gone farther...same with Farayi, Tawny, Tasha, & Katie. Tori Kelly was fantastic too.
Idol360: Lots of GREAT Hollywood talent this year, yourself included. Hopefully you all try out again next year!
Alex Nester: Thanks =) And yes, there was an unbelievable crop of people there this year.

Idol360: Now that your idol journey is over, what is in store for you? Any plans to work with some of your new Hollywood friends?
Alex Nester: I'm so excited to see what can come from all this. I'm going to continue promoting my album and start gigging as much as possible. I have a killer band that I've been working with for a while now so I just want to get out and play! I had to lay low for a bit while Idol was still going on, but now I'm ready to dive back into everything full force!! And it's funny you ask about working with my new Hollywood friends because I've already been talking to some of them about working together! I'd love to put a show together with Farayi, Tawny, Tasha, and Katie. I was even talking to Luke Edgemon last night about possibly doing a duet (which I would LOVE to do!!). I really want to work with Jeffrey Goldford too
Idol360: Hearing you and Luke on a duet would be amazing. You both have great powerful voices!

Idol360: What is your favorite track off your album?
Alex Nester: I know it sounds corny, but I really love them all... but if I had to pick a front-runner I'd have to say "The Music In My Life", "Sir Stevie" and "Unique". "The Music In My Life" is probably my favorite original tune--from the lyrics to the arrangement, everything just works so well together on that one. It gets me every time. I think "Sir Stevie" is just so much stinkin' fun! It's funky, got a killer groove. And I am extremely proud of the arrangement. But then again, I love everything Stevie Wonder related. And "Unique" just has a very special place in my heart. It was the song that pretty much spawned the entire album. I've been singing it for so long. It's kind of become my anthem.

Idol360: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us!
Alex Nester: Thank you for taking the time to interview me--I really appreciate it!

Alex Nester is a voice that needs to be heard! Check her out at the links below!

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Bonus video! Alex singing "Birdie Sings The Blues" at her wedding.