Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chris Golightly gets Disqualified

Chris Golightly has been disqualified from the top 24, and replaced with Tim Urban. This quote is from Hollywood contestant Samantha Musa who called Chris shortly after the show:

"Just got off the phone with Chris GoLightly. He was disqualified yesterday, after already being told he was in the top 24, over some bogus old contract. The contract expired, but they disqualified him for not telling them. He is talking to lawyers, but doubt they can do anything.

He is upset cause he says it was a misunderstanding, yet they let Michael Lynch stay in the top 24 even though he broke contract when his family spilled the news about idol to the papers. So really, its pretty messed up that they pick and choose which "Breach" to ignore and which to use as grounds for disqualification!"

UPDATE: "It was apparently an old management contract of some sorts. It ended last June but apparently it was not good enough for idol."

UPDATE: Joe's Place Blog spoke with Chris about the incident. Joe posts: "
Patrick Lynn called Chris at 5 pm yesterday [Tuesday] and told him that he was out for not proving that he no longer had a valid contract. Patrick Lynn told Chris that he was Patrick’s favorite contestant, but there was nothing he could do." Read the entire article here.

UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest also tweeted "been determined that Chris Golightly is ineligible to continue on IDOL, contestant Tim Urban has replaced Golightly as part of the Top 24"

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