Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top 11 - Results Live Blog

It's results time. The quality of the performances last night was not the best, even the favorites didn't seem to deliver, I think anyone could go home tonight. But if I had to pick, I would put my money on Paige being the one eliminated tonight.

Tonight's episode features a performance from last night's mentor Miley Cyrus and a duet from former guest judge Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato. We will also see a new Ford Commercial and a group performance. And of course one of our Idols will be sent home.

Keep an eye on this post for updates as the episode progresses!

Results time! The person voted off tonight will be the the last person to NOT make the tour. This is an important night!

Group Song - "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" by Wham. I think I heard some autotune. Could this be the cheesiest group song ever?

Ford Commercial - "Our Time Now" by Plain White Ts.

Casey says that he messed up his rehearsal big time.

The Bloody girl in the audience is Siobhan's friend.

Katie's family doesn't watch the live shows.

Big Mike is shown carrying his new baby. He doesn't get to stay with his family, but he sees them every day.


Siobhan says she used her scream to try to push her into the Top 10. She is SAFE.
Lee is safe.
Casey is safe.
Tim says if he could redo his performance, he wouldn't change anything. He is in the BOTTOM 3.
Paige says she lost herself in the song and gave a poor performance. She is in the BOTTOM 3.
Next week's theme is R&B Soul with Usher as the Mentor.

Miley Cyrus performs "When I Look At You".

More results!

Aaron is safe.
Didi says she wants to have fun. Ellen says she picked the wrong song. Simon says Didi over-thinks things too much. She is safe.
Big Mike is safe.
Crystal is safe.
Katie is in the BOTTOM 3.
Andrew is safe.

Bottom 3 is Tim, Paige and Katie.

Katie is safe. Tim and Paige are in danger of going home.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas sing "Make a Wave".

Tim and Paige are the bottom 2. One of them is in danger of being sent home and not be going on the tour. That person is Paige.

Simon says she will be going home, no matter how she sings right now. Simon says it is unanimous. She does not sing for the judges save and is eliminated.

Paige closes the show with "All Right Now".