Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paul Kim - Season 9 Correspondent - Top 16


This week was much more entertaining than last week!

Let’s start with the girls:

I’m just going to come out and say Katie and Paige are going home.

Something about the girls this year is putting me to sleep. My favorites of the week were Siobhan and Crystal. Yet Siobhan just seems so awkward to me. She almost has crazy “I will cut you” eyes. And Crystal needs a huge slice of humble pie. She seems shamelessly cocky up there, and despite the fact that she did awesome this week, her attitude and decision to sit on her amp during the judging really turned me off.

With all that being said, we can see the top 6 girls taking shape, and there are still some great voices in this competition, like Didi and Katelyn.

And now the fellas:

I liked the guys performances much more than the girls this week.

Honestly, there wasn’t a single performance that I didn’t like. And that makes it very difficult to predict who may be going home.

Despite what the judges said, I thought Andrew did great. And I wish they would never ever mention “Straight Up” again, for the rest of the year.

Michael shocked me with that performance. Before the episode started, he was one of the contestants that I thought would struggle to garner votes. I wish he would’ve started out with more falsetto during the 1st verse, but he killed it towards the end!

For the 3rd week in a row, I’m going to predict that Tim Urban is going home. Yes, he was much improved this week, but he’s still the weakest vocalist. And my second selection to get voted off is Todrick. He’s actually one of my favorites, but I just don’t see America connecting with what he’s trying to do up there. He’s not your standard R&B singer, and I actually appreciate him for that, but I can see why so many just don’t get it.

Gotta say I was pretty bummed to see my boy John Park get booted last week. I was rooting for him.

I’m excited to see who cracks the top 12! Are you???