Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 12 - Live Blog

THIS IS IT! The first time the boys and girls take the stage on the same night! Thanks to MJ's Big Blog, we have song spoilers! All of tonight's songs are by The Rolling Stones!

New announcer with the judges coming out on stage and Ryan coming down the big stairs at the back of the stage. Nice!

Michael Lynche - Miss You - Mike did it again! Great way to start things off. But maybe he needs to take some dancing lessons. Randy says he slayed it. Ellen says it was great. Kara says he conveyed the message of the song. Simon says his dancing was corny, but he sang it well. Ryan get's in Simon's face over his comments, and it was awesome. (Download on iTunes)

Didi Benami - Play With Fire - Didi is back! She didn't so hot last week, but she sang beautifully this time around. Randy says for the first time in weeks, she was on fire. Ellen says she has an amazing voice. Kara says it was 2 steps in the right direction. Simon says he is a fan of Didi and it was a solid performance. (Download on iTunes)

Casey James - All Over Now - I hope it's NOT all over now for Casey. Not an amazing performance, but I liked it. Randy says Casey is back. Ellen says it was fantastic. Kara says he is a rock star, he likes his soulful side. Simon says he looks great and sang well, but it was more like an audition performance. (Download on iTunes)

Lacey Brown - Ruby Tuesday - Love the strings section. Lacey is on her way up. I think she is getting better every week. Randy says he was pleasantly surprised. Ellen says it was a bit sleepy. Kara says it was 50/50, and she can do better. Simon says she performs like an actress and needs to let herself go. (Download on iTunes)

Andrew Garcia - Gimme Shelter - I actually liked it. He finally did something different from his usual thing and he pulled it off. Randy says it was pitchy everywhere. Ellen says it was his best performance yet. Kara says she didn't feel a connection to the song. Simon says he is in the middle, hopes he would survive another week. (Download on iTunes)

Katie Stevens - Wild Horses - My least favorite so far, she put me to sleep. Randy says she sang it well, despite some pitch problems. Ellen says it started pitchy, but sounded amazing. Kara says she is never technically perfect, but it going in the right direction. Simon says he didn't like the 2nd half, but says she connected with the song. (Download on iTunes)

Tim Urban - Under My Thumb - This is such a weird season, Tim is not very good, but by comparison to some of the other performances tonight, he's not the worst. Randy says it was very bizarre. Ellen says it was like she was at a resort listening to someone sing. Kara says he made it his own. Simon says it didn't work. (Download on iTunes)

Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black - I love her sitting on the stairs, and her outfit, and her tattoo. I love her! She sounded great! I seriously want her to win! Randy says it was HOT! Ellen says she loved the way she looked and sounded. Kara says she is having Adam Lambert flashbacks. Simon says it was the standout performance of the night. (Download on iTunes)

Lee Dewyze- Beast Of Burden - At this point I am looking forward to a Lee and Siobhan top 2. He did great, and is getting better every week. Randy says he is an amazing singer. Ellen says it was great, but was expecting more. Kara says he is growing every week. Simon says he likes Lee's story, but says his lack of personality is holding him back, says he has an incredibly good voice. (Download on iTunes)

Paige Miles - Honky Tonk Women - Paige was sick this week, and reportedly didn't even finish her song during rehearsals. I didn't like her performance tonight, and I think she could be in danger tomorrow. Randy says she did alright with it. Ellen says she has great star quality, and sounded great. Kara says she hit some big notes, even for being sick. Simon said she did great, taking her laryngitis into account. (Download on iTunes)

Aaron Kelly - Angie - I was never a fan of Aaron, he did okay tonight (for his style), but I don't think he deserves to be in the top 12. Randy says he is born to sing. Ellen says he and Siobhan had the best performance of the night. Kara says he connected with the song, and it was powerful. Simon says he chose the right song, and he sang mostly in tune. (Download on iTunes)

Crystal Bowersox - You Can't Always Get What You Want - I think I take back what I said about a Lee and Siobhan top 2. Perhaps a Crystal and Siobhan top 2 would be better. She did great, no question about it. Randy says it was not her best performance, but he loves her. Ellen says she sings effortlessly, but needs more personality. Kara says she loosened up a bit, but it was not her greatest performance. Simon says she was not as good as Siobhan, despite being the clear favorite going into this episode. (Download on iTunes)