Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top 20 - Results Show

It's that time again! 4 more people get sent packing on Idol tonight! My choices to go home are Haeley and Lacey for the girls & Jermaine and Aaron for the boys.

While you're waiting for the show to start, download performances from all the idols, here are your links! Crystal Bowersox Didi Benami Haeley Vaughn Katelyn Epperly Katie Stevens Lacey Brown Lilly Scott Michelle Delamor Paige Miles Siobhan Magnus Aaron Kelly Alex Lambert Andrew Garcia Casey James Jermaine Sellers John Park Lee Dewyze Michael Lynche Tim Urban Todrick Hall

THIS Is American Idol!

Simon wants to take back his compliments from last night, but will not say who.

Group song is I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas. Probably one of the corniest group songs ever, and it sounds more pre recorded than ever. That being said, I still loved it.

Results start! Tim is SAFE. Michael is SAFE. Casey is SAFE. John is GOING HOME. Todrick is left standing and is SAFE.

John sings Gravity. I think he is better than Tim, and should have lasted at least another week.

Lee is SAFE. Aaron is SAFE. Alex is SAFE. Andrew is SAFE. Jermiane is GOING HOME.

Jermaine sings What's Going On, and shows us why he got sent home.

Danny Gokey sings "My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me". He was no where NEAR being my favorite last year, but he did better than almost all of the guys last night.

Lilly is SAFE. Paige is SAFE. Katie is SAFE. Didi is SAFE. Michelle is GOING HOME.

Michelle sings "With Arms Wide Open". The first few lyrics seem to speak to what she must be going through after her elimination. After hearing her again, I don't know how I didn't pick her to go home yesterday.

Katelyn is SAFE. Crystal is SAFE. Siobhan is SAFE. Haeley is GOING HOME. Lacey is SAFE.

Time to LEAVE RIGHT NOW Haeley, Michelle, Jermaine and John.

Haeley sings "The Climb". So glad she's gone, but do not want to see crying on Idol. I'll feel bad no matter who it is.

Girls are back on Tuesday!

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