Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 9 Live Blog

This week's theme is the Lennon/McCartney song book, aka Beatles Week.

Glee characters talking about American Idol. More please. Lacey in the audience tonight! I always love Siobhan's clothes.

Aaron Kelly - Long and Winding Road - The contestants all call Aaron yoda in the package before his song. - This is not his style of music. I don't like his voice regardless, but he should stick to country. Randy says the song was too sleepy, and that the song needed to be changed up. Ellen says it's a big song to take on, and it felt like a long and winding song. Kara says Aaron sounds the same every week. Aaron says he has an uptempo song planned for next week. Simon says the song was old fashioned and boring.

Katie Stevens - Let it Be - This was probably Katie's best performance. I might start to like her if she keeps on singing like this. Randy says it is her best performance ever. Ellen says there is no way she will be in the bottom 3. Kara says she made the song her own. Simon says she got it right.

Andrew Garcia - Can’t Buy Me Love - I kind of like what Andrew did with this song. He'll be here for another week. Randy says it was a solid performance. Ellen says it was a lot of fun. Kara says she wanted to see something new. Simon says it was very corny and old fashioned.

Mike Lynche - Eleanor Rigby - I loved the way he changed things up. I think the studio version is going to be awesome. Randy says parts of it worked, and he loved seeing the artist in him. Ellen says there are so many sides of Mike. Kara says his vocals were amazing. Simon says he sounded like it should have been in a musical.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Together - Crystal has a cold this week. The contestants call her mamasox. Excellent version of this song. I would love to see Crystal and Kris duet on this. She's going to win this whole thing. Randy says it was a solid performance. Ellen says she made it current. Kara says it was one of her favorite Crystal performances. Simon says he could her that performance on the radio.

Tim Urban - All My Loving - Tim actually did really well, I genuinely liked it. Randy says it's better than it's been in the last couple weeks. Ellen says it was his 2nd best performance. Kara says... something, I actually forgot to listen to her. Simon says he did really well.

Casey James - Jealous Guy - I think this was an off night for Casey. Not his greatest performance. Randy says he likes Casey's sensitive side. Ellen says it was his best performance yet. Kara says he shows depth. Simon says it was the best performance of the night so far.

Siobhan Magnus - Across the Universe - Amazing. I am glad she got away from the screaming at the end, but I hope it's not gone for good! Randy says it was a little sleepy, but liked her tender side. Ellen says she is special and talented. Kara says it was too restrained. Simon asks what made her connect with the song. Siobhan says the line "nothings gonna change my world" really hits home with her, and begins to cry.

Lee Dewyze - Hey Jude - Katie and Crystal confirm. Lee and Andrew are dating and are going to make little Danny Gokey babies. Lee did great tonight, I think he is getting better every week. I look forward to seeing him next week. The bagpipes were ~awkward. Randy says it was hot. Ellen says she loved it. Kara says he is more comfortable, and can hear him on the radio. Simon says he was doing great until the bagpipes came out. Lee says the bagpipes were his idea.