Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top 9 Results Live Blog

It's time for another results show. Tonight's show will feature songs from Jason Derulo, Rihanna and David Archuleta.

Nice friendly opening, instead of the usual harsh lighting and drama.

Ryan says we might be in for a surprise or 2. He also says the producers tell him that the results are "shocking".

Group songs are back! The Idols are singing a Beatles medley. They somehow managed to make every song in that medley very boring.

Will It Go Round In Circles by Billy Preston. Probably one of the worst Ford Videos ever.


Siobhan: Kara says the song was dramatic and restrained. She is brought on stage.
Crystal: She is brought down with Siobhan.
Katie: She is now standing with Crystal and Siobhan.

Crystal is Safe. Siobhan and Katie are also Safe.

Jason Derulo is singing Whatcha Say and In My Head.

Ryan reveals that Adam Lambert is the mentor for next week.

David Archuleta sings Imagine. He pretty much blows all of last night's performances out of the water.

More results!

Group 1:

Group 2:

Mike, Aaron & Andrew are the Bottom 3.

Aaron is safe.

Rihanna sings Rockstar 101. She looks great but the song could be better. I wish she sang Rude Boy or something else.

Mike had the lowest number of votes and is in danger of going home. Mike chooses to sing This Woman's Worth.

The judges choose to use the save on Michael Lynche. No one goes home this week, 2 people will be voted off next week.