Friday, August 6, 2010

The Leak - Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson songs have been being leaked to the internet at an alarming rate. It seems at least once a week there is a new track to listen to. Today I will be briefly discussing each song, and telling you my favorites.

Cleopatra - This is the oldest in the current generation of leaks. And Kelly was NOT happy about it. She took to twitter to defend herself, and the song saying "'Cleopatra' is NOT a song on my next record! It was written for another artist! I have no idea how it leaked, it's a rough demo, unfinished!". While it's definitely not her usual style, you'll hear that a lot of her newest leaks are not either. It's still unknown what artist the song was originally intended for, but it's got some nice rock guitar riffs, and a hip hop style sound.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat - Some say this song is about her former writing partner Ryan Tedder. If you didn't hear the story a while back about how angry Kelly was that her song Already Gone and Beyonce's Halo shared some similar beats, you might want to check that out. This song seems to be about a record producer trying to hold Kelly back creatively. The song is heavily autotuned in parts, and kelly drones on almost as if she was a robot at the end saying "It's easy, anyone can do it. This song is completely different from that other song that sounds exactly the same. Yes it is. Yes it is."

Naked Eye - This is more like the Kelly everyone knows and loves. It sounds like it may have fit in well with the My December album, which while some people say was Kelly's worst, I believe to be her best.

Lover Stay - This one starts off with a beat that is on par with the opening of Miss Independent, but turns into what sounds like it could be a filler song on any one of her albums. It's a good song, but pretty generic sounding.

Dance - This song sounds just like the title would make it out to be. It's got an electronic beat and a great hook. I think I would be happy if this is the direction Kelly was taking with her next album.

Who's That Girl - This is one of the more odd demos of the bunch. It doesn't sound like any other Kelly song I have everheard. And with lines like "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, this shit can't be learned so stop trying to be me" and "How is it my fault I look this good and get away with it?" you can tell Kelly is having fun with this one. Just like the last song, and some of her other leaks, it's got a very electronic beat which I hope she incorporates into her next album.

Ready To Go - This is one of my favorite leaks of the bunch. It's fun, poppy, and danceable. This song uses the same music and hook as "
Things Can Only Get Better" by Howard Jones, but the lyrics have been changed. This song seems to highlight Kelly's promiscuous side: "I know you got your girl but I think she's digging me, so if you're not too scared to share your toys play with me".

Shit and Fame - This is the most unfinished sounding demo of them all. I'm not sure who this songs is about but she is clearly not happy with them. From the lyrics, it sounds like someone was riding her fame to the top: "You didn't mind before, when I got you in the door. You didn't whine like this, when I got your name on the list. You used to love me then, when I paid for you and your friends.
You say people change, but I say you are full of shit and fame"

I Can't Lose - This is a slower ballad-y song compared to the rest of the leaks. It sounds like it would have even fit in on her Thankful album, but I don't think it's that old. The beat and the chorus sound like an older Lady GaGa style song.

Don't Be A Girl About It - This is another one of Kelly's female empowerment songs (think Miss Independent, Never Again). In this song she is singing to/about a boy she turned down who seems to not be taking it well. This is a rough sounding demo, but I would love to hear a fully mastered version of this song on her next album.

Lost - This is the first in a string of 3 leaks that sound like completed finished songs. I think this is the kind of music we will be hearing on her 5th album. It's really a great song, but isn't very memorable. Let me know what you think if this one, because I'm still not too sure.

Standing In Front Of You - This is the kind of song I would expect to show up in a romantic comedy, or a romantic drama movie. It's got a very soundtrack-y sound and I can picture myself watching a movie trailer with the chorus of this song playing over it. That's not to say it's a bad song, because it's not.

Don't Ever Give Up On Me - This is another song that sounds like it could have been around for a while. It's a really great song, and I can see myself listening to it for a long time. If you like Kelly's older stuff check this out, you won't be disappointed.

There are 6 other songs I am expecting to leak eventually, but I can't be sure when. Those songs are titled: Just The Way You Are, "SNSYPF" (meaning unknown), Promise, Turn It Up, Turn Me On, Wasting Kisses, and Love In These Eyes. So keep an eye out for those tracks and let me know if they turn up.

While I can't link you to download these songs, quick searches on youtube or google should turn up the mp3 downloads you desire.

Which of these kelly demos is your favorite? Let me know on twitter @Idol360