Thursday, March 10, 2011

Casey Abrams Hospitalized Once Again

For the 2nd time this season Casey Abrams has been taken to the hospital and will not appear on tonight's results show. He is also not pictured in this photo from tonight's group song rehearsal. From joesplaceblog:

My sources are telling me that American Idol Contestant (And MY Personal favorite) will not be in attendance for tonight’s Top 13 Results Show.  He is back in the Hospital again.  I have not been able to accurately determine what is wrong with Casey – however Casey is making no big deal about his health situation.    Not since Season One’s Christina Christian has a contestant missed a results show because of a hospital stay.  Christina got voted off that night.  Let’s pray that the same fate does not happen to the amazing Casey Abrams.

UPDATE: It seems that whenever Casey gets stressed out he has stomach bleeding – not sure if it is an actual bleeding ulcer (though that’s what it sounds like).  Casey has been staying in a separate room from the other Idols so he could rest.  To my source, Casey is NOT making a big deal out of this at all.  Poor kid.  Nineteen years old and a bleeding ulcer.
UPDATE: At 12:10 AM (EST) Casey tweeted: hey guys, thanks for the well wishes, I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better. People at Idol & Cedars are treatin me real good

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