Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Voice - Episode 1

The Voice opens with an amazing performance from the panel. Christina, Adam, Blake and Cee-Lo singing Crazy.

Tarralyn Ramsey - Breathe. I didn't think she was very good at first, but she brought it together. It took a while but Christina and Cee Lo turn around. She Chooses Christina [DOWNLOAD]

Patrick Thomas - Live Like You Were Dying - Cee-Lo and Adam turn around first, this guy sings circles around Scotty on American Idol. Christina asks him to take his hat, then his pants off. [DOWNLOAD]

Jared Blake - Good Girls Go Bad -  This is awesome, a great new take on a cool song. I was so surprised no one took him. I loved it! [DOWNLOAD]

Vicci Martinez -  Rolling In The Deep - Rolling In The Deep. Kind of shaky vocals at first, but I like her grittyness. Cee-Lo and Christina turn around. She picks Cee-Lo. [DOWNLOAD]

Sonia Rao - If I Ain't Got You - She's a little raspy. I like it! Cee-Lo Reaches for his button, but doesn't go for it. [DOWNLOAD]

Elenowen (Josh and Nicole Johnson) - Falling Slowly - I'd take Lee and Crystal's performance over this one honestly. Blake and Cee-Lo buzz in and take a look. They choose Blake, which I think is a good choice for them. [DOWNLOAD]

Frenchie Davis - I Kissed A Girl - She mentions her American Idol disqualification. Weird song choice for her, but is sounds great. I missed you Frenchie! Christina got her! Excellent choice Christina! [DOWNLOAD]

Kelsey Rey -American Boy - She was alright, but she didn't blow me away. I prefer Lee's group song version to be honest. Cee-Lo, Christina and Adam turned around, and she chose Cee-Lo. [DOWNLOAD]

Jeff Jenkins - God Bless The Broken Road. This guy is great. Adam and Cee-Lo buzz in almost immediately then Christina gets in on the action. Blake buzzes in at the last minute. Adam has never heard that song before? He picked Adam, and Christina looks pissed. [DOWNLOAD]

Rebecca Loebe - Come As You Are - I am getting a bit of a Rachel Zevita vibe from this girl. Also Nicole Atkins, whom I love. Christina and Adam buzz in for her. [DOWNLOAD]

Joann Rizzo - I Say A Little Prayer -  She's a little too oldschool for me. I'm not a fan. And neither are the judges, no one picks her. [DOWNLOAD]

Xenia Martinez - Break Even - I love her voice! She's the best of the night I think. Cee-Lo buzzes in followed by Blake. She picks Blake. [DOWNLOAD]

Tje Austin - Just The Way You Are - He's probably the best guy so far. Adam and Cee-Lo buzzed in and he chooses Cee-Lo. [DOWNLOAD]

Javier Colon - Time After Time - A little slow and boring, kind of reminds me of Andrew Garcia. Cee-Lo and Adam buzz in followed by Christina. Blake buzzes in at the last second. All the judges put up a good fight, but he picks Adam. [DOWNLOAD]

Beverley Mcclellen - Piece Of My Heart - Powerful voice. I like it. Adam and Christina buzz in at the same time. She picks Christina. [DOWNLOAD]

Adam (5 Spots Remaining): Jeff Jenkins, Rebecca Loebe, Javier Colon
Blake (5 Spots Remaining): Patrick Thomas, Elenowen, Xenia Martinez
Cee-Lo (5 Spots Remaining): Vicci Martinez, Kelsey Rey, Tje Austin
Christina (5 Spots Remaining): Tarralyn Ramsey, Frenchie Davis, Beverley Mcclellen