Monday, May 2, 2011

Idol360 Interview With Kris Allen at Berklee City Music

Kris Allen is teaming up with Music Empowers and the Berklee City Music Network for a three city tour starting today in New York, followed by a show tomorrow in Philadelphia and concluding with a stop in Washington DC on Thursday. 

Music Empowers helps bring music education and instruction to students in places where it otherwise might not exist or is severely underdeveloped. Together with Berklee City Music Kris is helping provide music education to 4th to 12th graders in under-served communities. These kids will get the tools and support they need to flourish as students, musicians, and confident, well-rounded individuals ready to shape their world. 

Annie and I had the chance to sit down with Kris at the Berklee City Music Completion Ceremony yesterday afternoon, where Kris was performing with these amazing students. 

You can watch our extended interview below in which Kris talks about his involvement with Music Empowers, his next album, his hair, his dog, going on tour, and much much more!

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