Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Voice - Episode 2 - Spoilers and Live Blog!

Check out my live blog from tonight's episode of The Voice below and on twitter @Idol360!



Cherie Oakley - Gunpowder & Lead - This girl wrote a song for Reba, which went #1 and she toured with Carrie Underwood. This song is sung by Blake's wife(?) Miranda Lambert. Christina is the only judge to turn around. [DOWNLOAD]

Devon Barley - I'm Yours - This guy looks like an older Kevin Covais. He's just as mediocre as Kevin was, too. Cee-Lo turns around, followed by Adam. He chooses Adam. [DOWNLOAD]

Joshua Scott Hand - Paparazzi - I have never heard someone whine this much while singing. The crowd was a little into it, but no judges turned around.

Raquel Castro - Bleeding Love - I'm not sold on this girl. I like the coaches trying to convince the others to buzz in. Christina is the only one that takes her. People on twitter are saying Raquel was in the movie "Jersey Girl". [DOWNLOAD]

Emily Valentine - Sober -  I liked this version better than Pink's I think. It was sort of "raw" and I like that. Adam buzzes in, followed by Cee-Lo. She picks Cee-Lo. [DOWNLOAD]

Niki Dawson (Teenage Dream, Team Cee-Lo) and Sara Oromchi (Imagine, Team Blake) only get small clips. But you can hear the full performances here: [DOWNLOAD]

Tim Mahoney - Bring It On Home To Me - I thought he was really shaky, and not very good. Adam buzzes in then gives a dirty look. Adam says he thought it was buzzing in for a girl. [DOWNLOAD]

Julia Eason - Mercy - It's clear The Voice producers stacked the first episode with most of the talent, this is just not good tonight. Cee-Lo and Christina buzz in. She chooses Christina. [DOWNLOAD]

Angela Wolff - The House That Built Me - Another Miranda Lambert song. The song Angela has on iTunes is Rolling In The Deep, so that's weird. And no one picked her, also weird since she is on The Voice iTunes page.

Tyler Robinson - Hey, Soul Sister - This is not a great song, but Tyler is one of the best tonight so far. He makes Blake's team. [DOWNLOAD]

Nakia - Forget You - I feel like we are bros now because we tweeted each other this afternoon. I love this guy, I listened to some of his music this afternoon and it's great!. He's like a mix of Casey Abrams, Joaquin Phoenix and Zach Galifianakis. Cee-Lo buzzes in followed by Blake. He picks Cee-Lo! [DOWNLOAD]

Justin Grennan (Drops Of Jupiter, Team Christina), Serabee (Son Of A Preacher Man, Team Blake) and Casey Desmond (Born This Way, Team Adam) only get small clips. But you can hear the full performances here: [DOWNLOAD]

Dia Frampton - Bubbly - Nice singer/songwriter style voice. Blake buzzes in almost instantly, then Cee-Lo near the end. She picks Blake. [DOWNLOAD]

Curtis Grimes - Hillbilly Bone -  Another guy singing a judges song. And he's already cocky before we even hear him sing. He's alright, I think. I'm not a country person. Cee-Lo is the only one to buzz in. [DOWNLOAD]

Tori and Taylor Thompson - Stuck Like Glue - Cute performance, but I don't see stars. Cee-Lo takes them to finish up his team. [DOWNLOAD]

Lily Elise - If I Ain't Got You - The first 2nd chance of the night. What a deep voice for a little girl. Christina takes her to finish up her team. [DOWNLOAD]

Sonia Rao - Chasing Pavements -  She is alright, being passed on twice is awful.

Jared Blake - Not Ready To Make Nice - I loved this guy last week and he was even better this week. I'm really glad he's back. Blake takes him to finish up his team. [DOWNLOAD]

Casey Weston - Stupid Boy - I didn't think she was that great. Adam takes her, but I think she is his weakest link. [DOWNLOAD]

Angela Wolff - Rolling In The Deep - Better the 2nd time around. She forgot the words a little bit, but Adam takes her to finish off his team. [DOWNLOAD]

Adam: Jeff Jenkins, Rebecca Loebe, Javier Colon, Devin Barley, Tim Mahoney, Casey Desmond, Casey Weston, Angela Wolff
Blake: Patrick Thomas, Elenowen, Xenia Martinez, Sara Oromchi, Serabee, Dia Frampton, Tyler Robinson, Jared Blake
Cee-Lo: Vicci Martinez, Kelsey Rey, Tje Austin, Emily Valentine, Niki Dawson, Nakia, Curtis Grimes, Tori and Taylor Thompson
Christina: Tarralyn Ramsey, Frenchie Davis, Beverley Mcclellen, Cherie Oakley, Raquel Castro, Julia Easton, Justin Grennan, Lily Elise

Next week the battle rounds start. 2 people sing the same song on stage and only one survives. The coach decides who stays and who goes. This is The Voice's "hollywood" round. After each team is down to 4 people each, the live shows will start.

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