Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Voice Episode 7 - Spoilers and Live Blog

Episode 8 of The Voice airs tonight on NBC. The Final 8 members from Team Adam and Team Cee-Lo will perform. Adam and Cee-Lo will also perform with their teams! 4 Contestants from last week's performance will also be eliminated. The Judges will save one person from each team, and the votes will save one person from each team.

Before this weeks performance, we're getting last weeks results. Christina is up first! Raquel, Beverly, Lily and Frenchie are on stage. Beverly McClellan got the most votes and is moving on to the next round! Christina has to chose someone to save from the remaining 3.Christina picks Frenchie Davis to move on! Raquel and Lily are eliminated. Blake's results will be announced at the end of the show.

Team Cee-Lo - Tori and Taylor Thompson - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Could he have picked a MORE dated song for them? The vocals were just okay. What they lack in vocal ability, they make up for in looks. :P [DOWNLOAD]

Team Adam - Casey Weston - Black Horse and The Cherry Tree - Casey wants to go slow, and Adam is trying to push her to go upbeat. She does it the way Adam wanted her to, and I think she pulled it off. She's got a little rock in her for someone who said she is more comfortable singing ballads. [DOWNLOAD]

Team Cee-Lo - Vicci Martinez - Jolene - I think Vicci is the frontrunner for Team Cee-Lo. She's got a unique voice that I want to hear more of. [DOWNLOAD]

Team Adam - Devin Barley - Stop And Stare - Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais 2.0 was a little pitchy on this one dawg. Not the right song for me for you. Rebecca Loebe was robbed. [DOWNLOAD]

Cee-Lo is performing a groovy version of Everyday People. They don't really mesh as a group.

Team Cee-Lo - Nakia - Sex On Fire - Nakia is just great. Best of the night by far! [DOWNLOAD]

Team Adam - Jeff Jenkins - Jesus Take The Wheel - I can't get behind this performance. It was just too weak. Nothing special about it.  [DOWNLOAD]

Adam sings With A Little Help From My Friends with a little help from his team. It's a shame they don't end group songs with a pointy pose on this show.

Team Cee-Lo - Curtis Grimes - Addicted To Love - Cee-Lo is bad at picking songs. He did his best with the song that was given to him. But they really need to let the contestants pick from a list of approved songs AT LEAST. [DOWNLOAD]

Team Adam - Javier Colon - Angel (Sarah McLachlan) - I feel the sudden urge to adopt a puppy after listening to this performance. He's safe for sure, everyone loves him! [DOWNLOAD]

Closing the show with Team Blake results from last week. Patrick, Dia, Xenia and Jared. Team Blake's artist with the most votes last week is DIA FRAMPTON! and is moving on to the next round! The last member of Team Blake to make the next round is XENIA! Jared Blake and Patrick Thomas are eliminated.

Remember, The Voice is on Tuesday (performance) and Wednesday (results) next week!