Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Voice Episode 8 - Spoilers and Live Blog

This week's first of TWO new The Voice episodes airs on NBC tonight. Keep an eye on this post for all my spoilers and live blog!

Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 will perform their new song with Christina Aguilera titled "Moves Like Jagger". Listen below!

There will be 8 performance tonight, 2 people from Team Cee Lo and 2 people from Team Adam will not get to perform the song listed below. These are the songs they will sing if they are not eliminated.

Tori and Taylor, Nakia, Curtis and Vicci from Team Cee Lo are up for elimination first. America's Choice for Team Cee Lo is Vicci Matrinez! Cee Lo's choice for his team is Nakia!

Now it's Adam's turn. Casey, Devon, Javier and Jeff are up for elimination. America's Choice for Team Adam is Javier Colon. Adam uses his personal save on Casey Weston.

Team Christina - Frenchie Davis - Like A Prayer - This is a weird performance, the beginning was a little rough, but once she got into it, she brought it home. [DOWNLOAD]

Team Cee Lo - Nakia - Whatya Want From Me - I really like Nakia, but I was scared when I heard he was doing this song, but he did a great job with it. Adam Levine says "I've never heard that song before, but you probably sang it better than the original". [DOWNLOAD]

Team Blake - Dia Frampton - Losing My Religion - This is awesome. She really need to win the whole thing. I will buy a Dia album the day it comes out! [DOWNLOAD]

Team Adam - Casey Weston - I Will Always Love You - This was NOT good. Bad song choice for this show, and she seemed really nervous. And why is she wearing cowboy boots with that dress? [DOWNLOAD]

Maroon 5 (with Lead singer Adam Levine) and Christina Aguilera perform their new song Moves Like Jagger! I love it! I'll be blasting Moves Like Jagger all summer!

Team Christina - Beverly McClellan - The Thrill Is Gone - Beverly is in another league. She's just great. There isn't much more to say.  [DOWNLOAD]

Team Adam - Javier Colon - Fix You - Everyone left on this show is amazing. Tomorrow is going to be tough to watch. Javier did amazing as expected! [DOWNLOAD]

Blake Shelton sings his latest single, Honey Bee. He was joined by Xenia and Dia for the end of the song. I love those girls!

Team Blake - Xenia - The Man Who Can't Be Moved - She already seems more confident than last week. I love her, it's kind of a shame that Dia is a lock for the finals. Adam says he's never heard this song either. Does Adam Levine just NOT listen to the radio? The Script is almost direct competition for Maroon 5. What's up with Xenia and Dia though. The both look miserable all the time. What is Blake doing to those girls? [DOWNLOAD]

Team Cee Lo - Vicci Martinez - Dog Days Are Over  - This is one of my favorite songs of all time. So I don't expect to like this version. Is that haircut more Bruno Mars or Janelle MonĂ¡e? Vicci Martinez did alright, but no one can touch my Florence, I love her! [DOWNLOAD]

The coaches get 100 points to devide between their two artists. Their points added to the votes will decide who makes it to the finale.

My picks for the finals: Beverly, Nakia, Dia and Javier.

Will Not Perform (you can still download their new songs on iTunes)These songs have been REMOVED from iTunes. If anyone purchased them PLEASE let me know @Idol360 on twitter.
Tori and Taylor Thompson - Cowboy Take Me Away [DOWNLOAD]
Curtis Grimes - Colder Weather [DOWNLOAD]
Devon Barley - Animal [DOWNLOAD]
Jeff Jenkins - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing [DOWNLOAD]