Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Voice Episode 9 - Spoilers and Live Blog

Tonight is the first live results show on the Voice! One person from each team will go home, and we will be left with just 4 contestants.


Live Blog: 

The Beverly, Casey, Dia, Frenchie, Javier, Nakia, Vicci and Xenia are singing a George Michael Medley. I think Xenia might be better than Dia. Why didn't I notice this before? This is better than any Idol group song in the last 2 years.

Team CeeLo's Nakia and Vicci Martinez are up after the break. I think Nakia might pull through this one and make it to the finale. CeeLo's scores out of 100 Nakia-51 Vicci-49. Moving on, Vicci with 124 points! Nakia with 76 points will go home tonight.

CeeLo performs "Bright Lights Bigger City". That hair is something else, but the song was pretty chill.

Team Adam got to watch Adam and Gym Class Heroes rehearse their new song Stereo Hearts. But now it's time for their results. Javier Colon and Casey Weston. Adam gives his 100 points as follows: Casey 35 points Javier 65 points. Point totals: Casey 62 points Javier 138 points. Javier is moving on and Casey is going home tonight.

Blake took his team on the road with him to see one of his shows and gave them electric guitars. He asked Dia and Xenia on stage with him and they sang Honey Bee.Xenia looked more comfortable on stage at Blake's tour stop. Blake gave his points as follows: Dia 50 points, Xenia 50 points. Total points: Dia 106 Points, Xenia 94 Points. Dia is moving on and Xenia is going home tonight.

Team Christina is up for results now. Will it be Frenchie Davis or Beverly McClellan? Christina gave her points as follows: Frenchie 50 points, Beverly 50 points. Total points: Frenchie 93 points, Beverly 107 points. Beverly will move on to the finale and Frenchie is going home tonight.

Point Totals:
Javier: 138
Vicci: 124
Beverly: 107
Dia: 106
Xenia: 94
Frenchie: 93
Nakia: 76
Casey: 62

Next week, Artists will perform original songs, and duets with their coaches!