Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Leaks

This list is mostly for my reference, but I will post it publicly because people might be interested. This is just a list of song titles, I will NOT post these mp3, please don't ask

Leaked from 2008 to 2011 (Studio Versions):
3 A.M.
After The Love
Baby Blue Eyes
Be Still (Demo)
Breaking Your Own Heart
Call Me
Close your Eyes
Did You
Don't Be A Girl About It (2010)
Don't Be A Girl About It (2011)
Don't Ever Give Up On Me
Dumb + Dumb = You
Empty Handed
Getaway (alternate version)
Go (Demo)
Golden Child
Haunted (Demo)
I Can't Lose
I Forgive You
I Remember
I Wish I Could Be Lonely Instead
Intro To Baby Blue Eyes
Irvine (Demo)
Just The Way You Are
Let Me Down
Let Me Down (Demo)
Love In These Eyes
Lover Stay
Mrs. Right
Naked Eye
One Day
Ready (Demo)
Ready To Go
Shit and Fame
Slamming Doors
So Far Apart
Standing In Front Of You
Tell Me A Lie
Too Much
Turn It Up, Turn Me On
Wash, Rinse, Repeat
Wasting Kisses
What Doesn't Kill You
What Happened Here
Where Are You Know
Who's That Girl
Whoever Did That Wasn't Me
With A Little Bit Of Luck
You Can't Win
You Need To Shut Your Pretty Face

Live Versions Only:
A Little More Time. A Little Less Over
All I Know
Between The Lines
Come Back To Me
Come Here
Empty As I Am
Far From Home
Hand Me Downs
I'm Not The Only One
I Can Do Better
I Need You
Last Cup
Old Man
Only You
Poison Candy
So He Says
Song To You
When I Said Yes
You Still Won't Know What It's Like

Yet To Leak In Full
3 Words
Another Greeting Card For The Masses
Break The Silence
Couldn't Stop
Even Though You're Gone
Good Enough
Habits and Heroes
Holding Out For You
In Pieces
Lonely Night
Long Distance Love
Made For Justice
Mind Blown
My Escape
Red Hands
The War Is Over
This Is Me
This Love Is Tough
Traces of Gold
The Sun Will Rise
You Don't Know What Lonely's Like
You Think It Takes Two
You're The Only One For Me

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