Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X Factor Spoilers

Here are some of the people you may see on X Factor this season. I will flesh out this post with more information when I have the time. Most of these are former Idol people with some other spoilers mixed in.

Alexandra Bachelier
Alexis Lopez
Anna Kaelin
April Walsh
Bettis Richardson
Casey Carlson
Chrissy Feliciano (Possibly Singing Wild Horses)
Christian Spear
Crystal Stark
Danny Noriega
Emma Henry
Erynne Hundley
Genesis Moore
Heather Piccinini
Hollie Cavanagh
Jason Rich
Jason Yeager
Jayne Santayana
Jeff Goldford
Jessica Furney (Possibly Singing Rolling In The Deep)
Jessica Sanchez
Joanna Paciti
Joelle James
Jonathan Baines
Jordan Segundo
Justin Kalama
Katie Bernard
Keith Beukelaer
Kelly Caruso
Laura Wright
Lauren Torelli
Leah Laurenti
Maegan Wright
Mishavonna Henson
Nathaniel Marshall
Reina Williams
Sarah Seller
Savannah Low
Stephanie Edwards
Sylvia Chibiliti
Symphony Howlett
Thaddeus Johnson
Tyler Grady