Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top 20 Part 2

It's girls night on American Idol. Even at the time of this post, only 10 minutes away from going live, it is still unknown whether Crystal Bowersox will be able to perform due to an illness. American Idol producers gave her one extra night to get better by switching the boys and girls performances nights. If she is unable to perform tonight it is said she will be disqualified.

This just in at 7:55 confirmed by Ryan Seacrest. Crystal Bowersox WILL perform on tonight's show!

Crystal Bowersox - "As Long As I Can See The Light" by Creedence Clearwater Revival - Good, soulful performance from Crystal. She is 100% safe tonight. Randy says "Truth is reality, and you are the truth". Ellen says she has pure raw natural talent. Kara says she completely recovered from last week. Simon says he is happy she didn't play the sympathy card over her illness, said she had an incredible vocal performance and compared her to Kelly Clarkson. (Download on iTunes)

Haeley Vaughn - "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus - Much better song choice for her this week, but the vocals still just are not there. Randy says it was excruciating. Ellen says she didn't connect to the song. Kara says she is open and real, but needs another year of training. Simon says it was a complete and utter mess. (Download on iTunes)

Lacey Brown - "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer - Why would ANYONE take advice from Kara? She does okay, but I don't know if it's enough to keep her in the competition for another week. Randy says the song would have worked, but it was too karaoke. Ellen says she is adorable. Kara says she likes her tone, but needs to step it up. Simon says it was better than last week, but is more of a contestant than an artist. (Download on iTunes)

Katie Stevens - "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae - She did a good version of this song, but for me this will forever be a Megan Joy song. Randy says she has her bright moments, but some of the song was pitchy and uninteresting. Ellen says she has a great voice, but needs to sing younger hip songs. Kara says she is frustrated with Katie. Simon says she is not showing the judges what kind of artist she wants to be. (Download on iTunes)

Didi Benami - "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers - Meow. Best vocal performance of the night, but not the greatest song to pick in my opinion. Randy didn't like her soulful choice of song. Ellen says she has a great voice but did not like the song choice. Kara says it was not good. Simon says it sounded like a screeching cat. Ouch! (Download on iTunes)

Michelle Delamore - "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed - Surprise performance of the night, it was great, but I don't really like some of the changes she made. Randy says she didn't do enough with the song. Ellen says she liked that she did something different, but it didn't work. Kara says it was her favorite performance of hers ever. Simon says he agrees with Kara. (Download on iTunes)

Lilly Scott - "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke - I think Lilly has a great voice, but maybe didn't do as good this week as last week. Randy says she is unique, and it was his favorite performance of the night. Ellen says she has IT, also says it was the best of the night. Kara said she had her first "Moment". Simon says it was good, but he was not crazy about it. (Download on iTunes)

Katelyn Epperly - "The Scientist" By Coldplay - Excellent performance by Katelyn, she picked a great song and sang it very well. Perhaps the best of the night. Randy says he really liked it, but it was "way slow". Ellen liked that she was playing guitar, even though she was playing piano. Ellen says she fell asleep. Kara says she has an incredible instrument. Simon says it was a smart choice of song, but says she was corny but still a million times better than last week. (Download on iTunes)

Paige Miles - "Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson - GREAT! Go Paige! I don't have too much to say other than, I love it! Randy says he liked it, but didn't love it. Ellen says it was fantastic. Kara says she could have a hit with this song, but she should have been angrier. Simon says she is getting lost in her songs and needs to nail her song if she comes back next week. (Download on iTunes)

Siobhan Magnus - "Think" by Aretha Franklin - Excellent performance, I love her and hope to see her back next week. Randy says it was DOPE. Ellen says it was good. Kara loved her high note. Simon says she is a strange person, thought parts of the song were terrible, but the hign note was incredible. (Download on iTunes)

My picks to go home: Haeley and Lacey

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